This is the view from my bedroom window. For the first time this season the snow is sticking to the sidewalks and roads. The children are running from window to window with schoolbooks in tow, singing Christmas carols and promising to “sledge” after all the schoolwork is finished. I’m not sure we’ll get more snow than this, but we’re happy about it.

I’m also pleased that today was the day for crockpot beef soup (in honor of the great Saint of the Day: Thomas Aquinas, once known as the “dumb ox” who then went to carry such influence through the centuries). I’m also thinking hot cocoa will be on the menu after the boys’ Trail Life meeting tonight!

And the snow still falls!
Update 11am: one quarter to one half inch is expected in all today. The local public, Christian, and Catholic schools are dismissing as I type. I think we will finish some subjects and then “dismiss” to make cookies.

Yes, all my dear Hoosier relatives, around here we close school for a quarter inch of snow. I know it sounds nuts. But we have hills to drive over, after all, and a road salting budget that is probably 1/28th of INDOT’s. Don’t quote me on that. I just made it up. 😉


1pm. Snow still coming down. For once I mistrust the weather service’s definition of “flurries.”


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