Yarn Along & (p, h, f, r)




photo 1

From the phone camera archives–a tableau from this past New Year’s Eve. Those are bayberry candles burning down in the old tradition: “This bayberry candle comes from a friend /so on Christmas eve burn it down to the end. / For a bayberry candle burned to the socket, / will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.” Now our candles came from a store and not from a friend, and I burned ours on New Years instead of Christmas Eve, so it’s probably a good thing I was just doing it for the sake of an old colonial tradition and also because it smelled great! 😉

photo 4

I am still working on my mom’s Shalom cardigan. She knows it is for her now so I can openly boast that I’ve finally knitted something for her. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn, having under-budgeted for the sweater when I bought the yarn a year ago. Since I had to send off for more skeins via mail, I took the time to start on Ysolda’s Mystery Shawl Knit-a-long, only a week behind everyone else–even though I bought the pattern and joined the Ravelry group on January 5! Other knitters might possibly recognize this poor picture as part of Clue 1-B. I know I’m going to go on to Clue 2-A, hopefully before the third clue is released on Monday!


photo 5

The picture I meant to post last week for Yarn Along but never managed to write. See my lovely new Georgette Heyer collection? Perfect for the winter doldrums! Also a new paperback edition of Mansfield Park from Ignatius Critical editions so I don’t have to worry about crazy weird introductions or essays included. Ahhhh… Oh, and the gardening book might just be the answer to our backyard gardening woes. Maybe, just maybe….

The big reddish thing there is the Shalom cardigan in progress. The two skeins of Classic Elite Firefly there propping up the gardening book are for the mystery shawl.

photo 3

A blurry look at my cute Miss M in front of my yarn cupboard. Miss M makes me happy. Yarn also helps keep the morale going. The fact that Miss M can’t get to that yarn keeps the peace.


photo 2

I found that I had a “little” extra help taking down the Christmas decorations.


The news of Baby Girl #5 meant that there needed to be a change-up in the bedroom arrangements. When we bought the house, the boys got the larger of the two kids’ bedrooms because they had more stuff (read:LEGO) than the girls and also the girls’ room had a closet organizer that I thought they should appreciate (there were also just 2 girls in the room and Miss M on the way). The girls did appreciate the closet organizer but only as a ladder, so the organizer was ditched pretty quickly. Now the thought of trying to fit five girls into their pink room was getting pretty claustrophobic so we determined to switch out the kids’ rooms.

Enter a friend who owns a professional custom tile company, who had a client who wanted to get rid of a wooden bedroom suite. Knowing our family as he did, our friend arranged for us to get it and came over on Sunday to help Haus Meister unload it. I meanwhile quickly painted over the pink and in a few hours the transformation between rooms was mostly complete (still doing the odds and ends). 

photo 1

(I’m standing next to Trooper’s bed, which is the same one that Haus Meister made for him when we lived in the Old Haus).

There is one more thing that the girls need to make their room completely theirs again, though.

photo 5

 A new coat of paint!

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