Yarn Along–New Year, New Knits

It’s January, and between Christmas and my birthday (happening within three weeks of each other), time for my yarn stash update and to plot a course through my overly ambitious Ravelry queue for the new year! Does anyone else do that? Does anyone else have this problem:


The end of 2o13 and the beginning of 2014 found me finishing up Sunshine’s Aston hat. It turned out adorable, even though I messed up the barley stitch on the decrease. The self-stripey yarn also probably wasn’t the best to be used with this pattern–the colors go everywhere–but all the same it fits our Sunshine’s personality.


On January 1 as we were leaving the holy day Mass, Princess wanted to take a picture of my parents’ car as they left before us. I didn’t notice until I uploaded these pictures that she caught me knitting on our way home from church.


The lighting is a little orangey, sorry. The yarn cabinet is back in my “sitting room” (also known as the sewing room, reading room, or knitting room depending on the activity going on. It is my nook and I am very well pleased with it). Readers of my blog will have seen the picture on the shelf of the young lady before–it’s my great-grandmother at age 15 (circa 1926). She’s the one who started me knitting in the first place.


Here’s my bonny lass Sunshine wearing her hat. She was so engrossed in whatever it was on Netflix at this moment that I was able to pop the hat on her and snap the picture before she was well aware, which is all for the best because she’s officially receiving the hat this weekend for her birthday. I just couldn’t resist seeing if it fit!

Now I’m on to my first project of 2014: The Shalom Cardigan. I’ve had this pattern queued for quite a while–maybe since I discovered Ravelry, I’m not sure–and I actually printed it out to do last January. However, other projects intervened and now I’m doing it this January. It’s a good lesson not to despair about a project list: it eventually will get done!


Hmm…not as focused as I thought, but that’s my fault for using the phone camera instead of taking the time to unearth our lovely “real” camera. The magazine in the background was a Christmas gift from my younger sisters-in-law, the latest in my collection. Yes, two projects from it are already in my Ravelry queue and the “drygoods” section has hints of Austen knitting goodies that I’m eager to add to my “favorites.”

Anyway, the yarn I’m using for the cardigan comes from the bottom of my stash, where it’s been patiently waiting for just this very sweater. It’s Lions’ Brand Thick & Chunky or something like that in a delightful cranberry color (lots prettier in natural light). Probably will fuzz a bit although it says it’s machine wash-and-dryable. I bought it for that reason because I’ve already accidentally felted two wool projects from last year–The Roaring Meg and the Gandalf gloves. Ai-yi-yi! They were in the wrong laundry basket at the wrong time. Sigh. In any case, even though I’m only on row 22 of 115 or so, the sweater already looks lovely and is so chunky and cosy I can just tell it’s going to be a favorite. We sure could have used it this past week, let me tell you!!

Reading wise I’m back to Persuasion thanks to Jane Austen Knits putting me in a Jane mood. Also, the two Heyer books I got for an early Christmas present (Frederica and The Reluctant Widow) are over at my sister-in-law’s  for her leisure reading time. She adored FredericaThe Reluctant Widow helped me pleasantly pass the quiet hours when all our sick kiddos were napping and Christmas plans were all askew. I reread it three times before letting it out of my hands (and I’d better get them back!!).

 In other reading news, our church passed out a free book to every family in the parish again this Christmas, and this year it was Finding True Happiness by Fulton J. Sheen. Actually, the book is comprised of short teasers from Sheen’s other works, each of them very thought provoking. I am determined to read more Sheen this coming Lent. Our family library is woefully lacking in his department–this shall be amended as I’ve always loved his writings and what I’ve seen of his old programs. The day I finished Finding True Happiness I set the book down for a second to attend to something and then realized just where I put it:


Right next to the box of premium chocolates! Huzzah! How’s that for irony?

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