“Snow, snow, snow….” no snow!


One last week of Christmas until the liturgical season definitely officially launches us into Ordinary Time this Sunday with the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. I thought I’d finally document the kids’ Advent calendars to eek out a little more cheer as we slowly begin to put things away. The above magnetic calendar was Princess’ charge this year. St. Joseph was temporarily misplaced as we stored the bag of figures in my metal file cabinet and when she shook out the bag he stuck somewhere in the depths and I only just found him today. Oh well. This calendar is on a rotation basis–I’ll draw someone’s name for it out of a cup next Advent while the others will enjoy their own personal sticker calendar.

Like Trooper’s:


Or Rascal’s:


Or Dino’s:

"Sorry Mom, I gotta put Baby Jesus up here." "Why is that, son?" "There's no room for Him on the floor."

“Sorry Mom, I gotta put Baby Jesus up here.” “Why is that, son?” “There’s no room for Him on the floor.”

And Sunshine’s:  (Ah, preschoolers. At least the stickers stayed on the page!)


So as this past weekend progressed we kept an eye on the news watching out for the folks in Indiana as well as wondering what our share of this latest winter storm would be. Things still looked promising for some white stuff as we tucked the children into bed. It was so promising that we indulged in the hope that Haus Meister would have one more day off work (the city shuts down if there’s about 1.5″ on the ground) and if he was to stay home, then we would delay going back to school for a day. When we woke up, only a frost lay on the ground. Any dangerous sheets of ice had been sanded over, because amazingly we actually have sanding machines in the city now, and so it came to pass that we returned to school today half begrudgingly while Haus Meister sallied forth to work wearing the heavy wool coat he usually reserves for winter trips to Indiana. We did get the cold blast of Arctic air, at least so it seems for us Southerners. When I say that our record low may be broken tonight if it dips below 7F, you’ll see what I mean.

My parents and my sister’s family, meanwhile, are dealing with 14+ inches of snow and -41 degree windchills.

IMAG0189 (1)

When my mom sent this picture of my dad this morning, the kids went wild. When my sister skyped to show us the snowdrifts against their house, the kids were jealous. They didn’t understand that you couldn’t go out in the snow lest you court hypothermia and frostbite thanks to the bitter winds. All they saw was that some of their favorite people had the snow we’d been denied, and I couldn’t blame them for feeling a little bummed hitting the books even though I was secretly glad to be going back to the old routine. After all, there’s a sled in the garage that they have only been able to use once in two years!

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