Literary Mom Musings

Two days before Christmas we received some stunning news for our family.

We stink at gender prediction!!!

The newest member of our family appears to be a GIRL. That’s right, sweet Girl #5 is coming in May. She is the tie-breaker. The boys could always count Jacob in their number if the sisters ever decided to be superior about their numbers, but it is now official. The reign of pink continues.

When we found out Posey Pie was a girl I immediately downloaded the theme song to the 1994 movie “Little Women.” It struck me that I too would have a house full of four precious girls, and who wouldn’t want to be as capable a mother as Marmee? I mean, she solves anything with poise and mildness, controlling her temper and smoothing out the crinkles in her daughter’s lives (all the while braiding their incredibly long hair). She receives word that her husband is ill and in a military hospital and can actually leave her daughters and housekeeper in charge because she has everything so organized that they can find household accounts and charitable works without a problem. Oh, and then she comes on a red-eye train ride from her husband’s hospital bedside in time to cure her daughter of scarlet fever. And in the book of course her Faith comes to the fore and her common sense and all the while you’re like, why aren’t there parenting classes taught by Marmee? Marmee and Caroline Ingalls? They win literary Mom awards.


So now I’m going to have five little women in the house. Five. Who in literature has five daughters?

Oh NO!

mrs bennet

“Girls, will you tear my nerves into shreds?!?!”

I already say that! This isn’t a good sign….




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