Stirred Up on Sunday

I’m at it again! My inherent love of random old British stuff compels me once more to steam a pudding on “Stir-Up Sunday,” the last before the first Sunday of Advent. Even though last year I made the Pud a little late and completely forgot to steam it on Christmas Day, I doggedly determined to attempt it again this year. Besides, all the spices and the candied orange peel just makes the house smell great during the six hour steam!

photo 1 (2)

Just prior to being steamed.

photo 2 (2)

After the steaming.

Just needs a holly spring and a topping of brandy butter and it could be something out of Dickens!

Or you could just douse it with more brandy and light it, like this fellow.

However, I don’t recommend that you actually eat it while it’s burning.

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