Rowing to Rivendell–stuck in the Brandywine?


Ok, so my rowing this week was dismal. 1.4 miles. I don’t even feel like looking at the virtual atlas because I can guess I either just crossed the Brandywine Bridge (remember, this is following the footsteps of Bilbo, not Frodo, so I didn’t need to use Buckleberry Ferry. :)) OR I’m stuck treading water in the Brandywine River. However, I wanted to record it for the next go-round, although I cannot imagine I will do much rowing before Thanksgiving and definitely not during. ;)***Update: according to the virtual atlas, after mile 45 Cross the Bridge. Road to Buckland goes south. Pass the High Hay.

About today’s blog picture–it’s a spoiler for the new movie coming out next month. I found it on my hobbit blog wanderings, because occasionally I indulge in Tolkien related frivolity that way. Also, I like spoilers. Anyway, I had to laugh looking at this picture. Thorin so obviously has that key of his at the ready and the way the Dwarves are all lined up I can guess they’re in front of what they think is the secret entrance into the Mountain. Just waiting for the thrush to show up and knock on the stone, or wondering if it is really Durin’s Day. Balin seems pretty sure. I imagine Bilbo is around the corner watching the thrush attack a snail and saying, “Um, no, guys, it’s really over here. Trust me.” Because didn’t Gandalf say that dwarf doors were difficult to find and if their makers forgot where they left them, then there’d be no finding them again?

And that’s my random Tolkien related frivolity for the day before I go do something useful, like mop my floors, do the dishes, or for goodness’ sake–ROW.

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