Coming back to Yarn Along

I’m back!

For the nonce I have shelved my frivolous project, deciding upon our first cold snap of the season to devote my knitting time to more utilitarian pursuits–like hats. Especially since Rascal specifically requested a bright red hat. I don’t know how many times in his life he will actually request me to make him something, unlike his sisters who always have demands ;), so I’m going to oblige him!

photo 1

One last photo before it spends a few months in storage….

Now it took a lot to get me to shelve the short stays. I dislike having works in progress lying in wait for me. However, I’ve also had the Graham pattern printed since January knowing I would do it sometime this year for Rascal and/or Dino, and now that it’s the eleventh hour (and month), it was high time!

photo 2

I took this picture the day after I began Rascal’s hat, so by now I have completed the 3″ brim and am now four rows into the broken rib pattern.  When I can squeeze in some time to knit it does go fast and I am as usual thoroughly enjoying the pattern. I may make one of these for Dino after all.

As for reading, I have unabashedly pre-read the Wodehouse novels I bought for Haus Meister’s Christmas stocking. I won’t mention them by name so he’ll be surprised that way (he would be surprised if I missed a holiday to gift him with another Wodehouse, so the fact that I have them and have read them wouldn’t faze him in the slightest. We’re horrible at keeping things secret from each other, a fault that has its good points). However, I’ll use this space to put a shout out for two or three of our favorite fall children’s books!


Great nonsense poem about the trials of getting ready for winter (particularly if you’re Mary, who gets even on the last page in a scene that never fails to make Sunshine giggle).


Haus Meister and I joke every year that this book shows our house on Thanksgiving 20-30 years from now. Bring it on! I am already looking forward to it! The pages showing the family rearranging the furniture to make room for a gargantuan makeshift banquet table, plus the lines “At Grandma’s house, the chairs don’t match, but we don’t care, there’s always room at the table” strikes home to me even now because our chairs have never matched–EVER. 🙂

I love books about Thanksgiving even as the stores are already getting us ready for Christmas–and more people near us already have Christmas decorations out than I remember seeing before the holiday.  And being me, if I’m checking Amazon reviews and see people huffing that the book has the gall to mention G-O-D, then I’m all the more likely to buy it. To whom are you giving thanks, anyway?

This is a favorite with the littlest two.


On a side note, Tomie dePaola in his picture of the family dinner painted both ways I prepare cranberries for the family feasts–whole berries and cylindrical just-out-of-the-can cranberries. 😉

There you have it! With luck I’ll have a better picture of Graham hat #1 next week. 🙂

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