as he sees it….

yesterday Rascal read aloud to us from his reading book as we drove across town on an errand. The story introduced us to the two main characters and then proceeded to inform us: “They had a quiet and happy life…”

At this point Rascal stopped and thought for a second. Then he said, “You know, that’s like us. We have a quiet and happy life.”

I smiled but before I could venture a response he corrected himself: “Actually no, it’s not quiet. It’s loud. We have a loud and happy life.”

Here I laughed and complimented him on his astute observations. Really though, I was both touched and pleased. I think Haus Meister and I make the same observation to each other about 10 times a week. We aren’t the quietest bunch you’ll meet but we do seem to get along quite happily together. It’s just sweet to know that at least one of the kids thinks so, too. 🙂

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