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Oh it’s been a long time since I’ve linked in for one of these! It’s not for lack of things going on, that’s for sure.

Pretty Just Darn Amazing


So the flooring saga and the plague event rather derailed my posting about my parents’ trip to Rome (now that they’ve been home for a month). Fortunately my dad sent me this picture which was the best I’d been able to see of the two of them. Most of my pictures looked like this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.32.56 AM

The arrows show my dad in the crowd after the Angelus. I was lucky to find him!

They had an amazing pilgrimage and came home with lots of stories and pictures that I have yet to see. 😉 One picture my mom sent me really made our day:

dad in st. peters

She sneakily took it during the Mass at St. Peter’s for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. “Can you find your dad?” she asks, sending us the picture from their room later that day. Sure, Mom, I snarkily think, if you would be so kind as to add an arrow or three.

“He’s doing the reading!”

My jaw dropped. Suddenly it was like I was seven or eight years old again listening to my dad lector at the 8am Mass at our little small-town Indiana parish. I remember being SO PROUD that was MY DAD up there and surely everyone could see he was the best lector in the world and could pronounce the Old Testament names better than anyone else, of this I was convinced. I had something of the same feeling getting this picture and imagining what it must of been like to lector in St. Peter’s Basilica!!! Too bad it wasn’t a Papal Mass because then it would have been televised. 😉 But it was a highlight for them all the same. My dad happened to be in the right place in the right time when the MC was looking for an English-speaking man wearing a white shirt under the traditional Equestrian Order cape.  And in a split second he was being escorted from a seat way in the back to the front of the rows! Clearly a case of the last shall be first!


I almost completely forgot to mention this. Several weeks ago I blogged about a birthday disappointment for Haus Meister. With his rowboat project nearing completion he wanted to line up another project to jump into as soon as it was done. While I can do that easily with my knitting by ticking off the next thing on my insanely long Ravelry queue, he has to actually do a bit more searching and finding. 😉 He did find a wooden two-seater runabout boat that a gentleman was giving away for free. It was half-built and just needed to be finished. When Haus Meister drove two hours to take a look at it, he found it had a good deal of problems and figured he’d have to rebuild it from scratch to make it lakeworthy. That was the disappointment. However, it was providential because the next week he came across an ad for a 1966 Thompson wooden boat in need of restoration, the specific name of which escapes me except that we found it was actually 18′ instead of 17′. It wasn’t free, but it was a steal of a bargain. Another four hour drive and he brought it home!


Rascal noticed that the boat had the “Thompson” logo on either side of it so he immediately christened it “Thompson and Thomson,” after those erstwhile detectives of Herge’s Tintin fame.


I didn’t blog about the boat at the time because my father-in-law was out of town and we wanted to surprise him. Haus Meister and his brother helped my father-in-law restore an old Chris-Craft when they were in highschool, so now my father-in-law gets to help his son and grandsons get Thompson & Thomson ready over the next few years.

happy and pretty, too.

Of course, finding that the boat was a bit larger than advertised was interesting when it came to putting it into the garage. It fit all right, but now my decoration boxes are in a tight spot. After much procrastination I finally dug out my fall decor. Of course, I only have pictures of the exterior ones. Oh well.

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)

Funny & Real

Ok, just a few more.

photo 1 (1)

Lost 1 tooth.

photo 5

Gained 3 (!) teeth (in one week!)


And that’s all for today. Rawr!

One thought on “(pretty, happy, funny, real)

  1. What a special honor for your father and special memories you have of him.

    I love names kids come up for things that stick and have their special meaning! Lots of water fun in your future.

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