Now another Monday…

The plague has for the most part subsided. Trooper is still coughing and sniffling every so often but as soon as school was over for the day he wanted to go outside for as long as the sun was remotely in the sky.  I think I remember the docs telling us in the NICU that by the time he turned eight his lungs would have repaired themselves from some or most of the damage sustained by his premature birth. He’s almost ten now. Since he’s rarely had a problem with breathing since, I doubt we’ll know for sure just how much of the old scarring is still there. I’m just grateful we’ve not had to worry about his lungs for a long time. Now I don’t know why I am saying all this. It’s rather a stream of consciousness stemming from my realizing he really is the last of us to shake the cold/cough/flu/nastiness that hit us two weeks ago.

So anyway it was back to school for us today. We took a Fall Break last week since the floor was half-finished and we were all dropping like flies. Streaming The Magic School Bus episodes on Netflix got us through some of the days. The kids had never seen them before and I had the consolation that we were getting some small sort of education in during the downtime. Still, today was nice to begin our routines again, at least for me. For the kids it was “Do we haaaave toooo???”


Moving on.

Haus Meister finished the living room floor last night. He needs to put up the baseboard trims before I can move all the furniture back around. Our huge dining table is at its shortest right now, the extra leaves sitting against the wall so my recliner and some other things have space until my nook is finished. This is the view from my recliner this afternoon.

photo 3

It’s dark in the living room because the afternoon sun is shining on the back deck there. Our walls are still “pecan,” not blue. 😉 The door is wide open because Fall came last night and the breeze was cool and delightful without being too cold (while the sun was up). Some fallen leaves even skittered in and I was glad to see them.  So there’s the glimpse of the living room floor and the sign of things to come. Unfortunately this is one of the busiest months of the year at Haus Meister’s workplace and so really that weekend we all got sick was probably indeed our best bet to get this floor done in one fell swoop. Ah well, even though it goes up a bit at a time it is still a far far better thing that we have done. Seriously, now when something spills on this floor I smile like the moms in the paper towel commercials and swipe it all away. It’s glorious! Before I’d be groaning and mentally calculating how much chemical laden carpet cleaner we had sitting up in the cabinet.

And now someone can propel herself across the floor as much as she likes!

photo 2

Princess dressed her in the tutu. She thought it was very nice. I think Posey did as well, it’s hard to say. She raspberries at everything these days.

In the front corner of the room I moved two armchairs back from the various parts of the house where we’d left them as well as a random end table. They had been in front of the windows in the previous arrangement but I think I like them here. It must have exuded cosiness because not ten minutes after I arranged this, Miss M crashed there for a nap.

photo 4

Sleep is sounding very good right now, so signing off….

4 thoughts on “Now another Monday…

  1. Glad to hear you are all on the mend! I’m curious what kind of finish you’re putting on your floors? Our 1968 house still has the original wood floors (one prior owner put carpet over them and a more recent prior owner ripped them up), but they have a wax finish, I think. We re-waxed them when we moved in almost 5 years ago, and now the wax is all gunked up (it doesn’t help that I’m not a vigorous cleaner . . . ). I’m always thinking about what better alternatives are out there for whenever we get around to refinishing them.

  2. We-ell, these floors came pre-finished, but the Man of the Haus says you just sand your floors down and get this stuff from Lowes (or hardware store of your choice) that waxes it up again. Incredibly unhelpful in that I don’t have the name written down. But that’s what we’ll end up doing in a few years when the kids have run these ragged. 😉 I’ll get back with you on the name…

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