I said that on Monday….

…I would be a happy camper. My floor would be down and my not-so-white carpet would be a thing of the past.

It is well, now Tuesday, and the flooring project is about 45-50% complete. I’m writing in my sewing nook but I can see right into the living room and sigh happily at the beautiful flooring that covers almost half the room. I know it is going to be finished soon. I’m content.

The kids all love it. They slide around in sock feet and even Trooper took time out to walk over it. He was also highly amused by watching Haus Meister use the noisy nailer and also the fact that Haus Meister willingly wore ear protection. His toddlerhood history of terrible ear infections means that Trooper lets no one touch his ears without warning. The fact that Daddy voluntarily uses these things caused a quizzical look worthy of Mr. Spock.

So what happened to our plans? The plague, of course!

Well, that’s  melodramatic. Basically everyone in the house except, miraculously, myself, has a terrible cold/flu bug of varying proportions. For example, today Miss M has just the sniffles and can still run around at full tilt eating and scattering frozen blueberries along the way. Haus Meister is flat on his back, utterly wiped out. On the plus side, Miss M was like that on Sunday night so maybe he’s on the mend.

In the meantime I’m drinking my tea and praying to dodge the bullet, caring for the ones who need me most, and taking a moment out of about every fifteen to peek into the family room and smile at the sign of things to come.



And a hip-hap-happy birthday to my sister!

3 thoughts on “I said that on Monday….

  1. Well, it sure looks promising! I am drooling with envy (I just vacuumed our 10 + year old carpet and thought longingly of tearing it all up). I hope everyone at your haus is feeling better soon!

  2. ooh…10+ years…suddenly I feel bad for complaining.

    But seriously, the housing design gurus who sell houses in family neighborhoods with the great idea of wall-to-wall white carpet need their heads examined.

  3. White carpet is possibly the stupidest invention of mankind, ever. And my 10 + year old carpets are still fairly free of decaying dairy products, so what the heck. I can put up with them a bit longer. 🙂

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