(pretty, happy, funny, real)


Starting with REAL.

Not good with Carpet.

A major update is coming to the Haus this weekend and I have to move some things around to get ready. WE’RE GETTING HARDWOOD FLOORS!!!! My heart rejoices! Three things I miss most about my Old Haus are the neighbors, the maple tree in the backyard, and the hardwood floors. The neighbors still rank high in my esteem–we’ve not been able to connect as much with our current ones. They aren’t the stand at your mailbox and chat type. The maple tree has been replaced by a forest, true, but I loved the way the afternoon sun hit it in October and November and made the whole back of the house shine gold. And the floors? I always loved them but never valued them as much until we moved into a home with white carpet.

But that was going to be ok, right? We would just rip up the carpet when the Old Haus sold. Well, it hasn’t sold yet–we’re still praying for an offer, for goodness’ sake!–but on Monday this carpet had its last straw broken. We’ve endured the soils and the stains. We covered the hole in the carpet that black labrador puppy chewed out with a rug (mostly. The rug moves with the kids). We grimaced when Sunshine accidentally dumped a tube of black craft paint on the carpet (the kind that washes off skin but not any type of fabric). After all, we had some slick tile picked out, a warm tile that looked like wood and could be shaped in herringbone style. A real Hobbit floor. As soon as the house sold it would be ours. We just had to hold on….. And not look at the carpet.

Until Monday, as I said. I was working with Trooper in his room and when his lesson was done Rascal passed me in the hall. ‘Oh yeah, Mama,” he casually says, “I forgot to tell you that Sunshine just dumped the rest of the milk out in the living room.”

I shrieked. “Not on the floor?!”

“Um, yeah Mama, on the floor,” he replies, as if to suggest where else?

There was at least half a gallon left in that jug.

Out came the mighty Hoover carpet cleaner, a purchase made to tide us over until the Hobbit floor (and to mop up occasional spills in the bedrooms since they are still carpeted). There’s no chance the carpet pad could have survived the deluge. I attacked that floor more than once, but not all great Neptune’s ocean was enough to wash that milk entirely clean. The second night of cleaning Haus Meister and I just looked at each other and knew enough was enough.

Two years of carpet cleaning, incessant spills, dogs, toddlers, holes, paint. ENOUGH.

Hang Bag End flooring. It was time for a frugal hardwood.

So he went to the store, he found the perfect color. And tonight he brings it home!

By Monday I will have peace of mind again, living in a house with the Toddler Mischief Squad and no white carpet in my living room and sewing nook.

As if it’s looked white since 2011 anyway….

Now for the rest of Pretty, happy, funny:

IMG_2522 IMG_2532

The resident Princess turned five not too long ago. She was feted with her choice of strawberry pink cupcakes with pink icing and strawberry pink ice cream. Earlier in the week she also picked out some raspberry pink lemonade from the deli. It was the pinkiest pink day in family history, and she was gracious to share her cupcakes with our troop of Trail Life boys who happened to be meeting at our house her birthday evening to work on a project. The lads were not at all adverse to dive into some sugar, no matter how pink.

Happy 5th Birthday, my biggest girl! You’re a treasure.

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