I can’t believe it has been a month since I’ve posted about knitting. Well, I can, because every Wednesday came by and I thought “Gee, I’d better get a picture of my work in progress,” and then before I knew it Thursday had arrived and I was off on other blogging schemes…or not blogging at all. Besides, my work hasn’t changed a whole lot until recently.

With the cooler weather we tend to start planning winter projects, Haus Meister and me. It’s 97 days until Christmas, for example, and I have about nine projects lined up to accomplish in that amount of time. If I could do a project in ten days or less I might make it. Unfortunately though, I am short on governesses and maids and so that probably won’t happen. We thrive on ambitions of these kinds, though. Ambitious projects, that is. Not so much the governesses and maids. 😉


I’m working on shaping the armholes for my frivolous little project. It’s coming together so well that I do hope (haha) to have it finished by next week. I’m making this to go with my favorite vintage nightdress for the winter, mainly because the model in the Jane Austen Knits magazine was wearing her version with a long white dress and it just seemed to click. Also, I’m not a shawl person, I don’t think. This ties on and has armholes like a robe but without the robe’s bulk so I’m liking it. I know some knitters actually wear it out of the house over a T-shirt, but I’m just not able to do that if I wanted to. 🙂

Meanwhile, recently I had “help” from my new favorite knitting buddy.


She is so good; she only played with one of the ties–leaving my yarn ball alone.

And have I mentioned that she’s 6 months old now?

Just having woken up

Just having woken up (moved from crib to the big bed for easier photo opportunity)

She takes every opportunity to “Army-crawl” or even “inchworm” her way around the room. Like Miss M before her, she already wants to be part of the action.

I’ve been doing some reading here and there, mainly rereading old favorites.  I began to read aloud Little House in the Big Woods to the kids as part of our once-a-week unit study on that series. This week we are going to read the chapter about Christmas and make clove-studded apples, or at least, that’s the plan. 😉

3 thoughts on “Yarn-Along

  1. I agree about your adorable helper; you wouldn’t want someone that sweet to be raised by the governess! Here’s hoping a maid or two shows up so you can get some more knitting time, but sadly, our maid has been a long-term no-show 🙂

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