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Ah, September. The month that always makes me happy because the Apple Orchard Store is open with its limited time run of the best apple cider in the world. There’s a good deal to be said for something being limited time only. If the Orchard Store was open year round then it wouldn’t be as special as that first time we make the drive up the next mountain over and come out with gallons of the stuff. And some apples, too, of course. Typically, September heralds the coming of Autumn. There’s even notes on the calendar reminding us that the First Day of Autumn happens in September. Or should, but down here it will still be 80 degrees even if I have my mulled cider-scented candles burning and I’m listening to my Loreena McKennitt playlist again (somehow I associate her music with fall and winter).  Down here I will still be washing shorts and T-shirts even if I’m longing to pull out the sweaters and jeans. But that’s okay. The cooler weather is coming.


This picture was taken last year in Indiana, where it does get around to feeling like Fall in September.

This pretty little lady has a birthday coming up in a few days. Stay tuned!


As I mentioned in my last post, my globe-trotting parents are at it again! They are on pilgrimage to Rome. Burglars beware–their house is being monitored at all times by my sister’s family, not to mention the neighbors’ menagerie of dogs, cats, and yes, even ducks, so I think I can blog about their absence with impunity.

Anyway, on Monday by pre-arranged e-mail my sister and I tuned in to Vatican TV to see the live feed of St. Peter’s Square. Nothing was going on at the time of course, but we knew our parents would be there, and were going to try to stand at the obelisk in the Square and wave to us. They would be holding a red and a blue umbrella.

They made it. And we were on time to see it. Both minor miracles, I think. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.03.41 AM

Then the piece de resistance–the Wednesday audience with Pope Francis. I had seen an aerial shot of the audience as I watched and took a screenshot, thinking I recognized my parents but after e-mailing Dad, learned I was way off the mark.  He told me where to look and soon the kids came running as I started screaming “THERE’S GRANDPA!” while replaying footage of the Pope driving around the square. My mother is slightly obscured by someone’s arm–she’s under the arrow pointing to the woman in teal.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.56.44 PM

My dad managed to find a better shot of my mom.


So we sit back and enjoy their daily missives about where they’ve been and what they’ve seen, and hope someday we get the chance to do the same.

Also happy (and a little funny)

This is my Picture of the Month.


He didn’t know I was taking a picture. She did, though, the littlest Ham in Training.


The Movie of the Month here, chosen by the children, is Mary Poppins. They all thoroughly enjoy it, although I find myself rather envying Mary Poppins.


After all, she can:

Fly (albeit with an umbrella based on the wind)

Sing children to sleep effortlessly

Snap her fingers and tidy up a house

Look practically perfect even with soot on her face (that’s Hollywood for you)

Pack everything into one bag




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