{Handsome, happy, funny, Rascal


Something fun happened last week.


This sweet bundle of chub


Who launched me headfirst into childproofing

(Incidentally, those bookshelves are insanely straight and clean. Those Were the Days)


Whom I assumed would turn my hair gray before I was 30

(He didn’t, so the Toddler Mischief Squad are trying to do it before I’m 33).

Our Rascal

is now



Best Brother Ever

Best Brother Ever

Ironically I have no pictures of HIM on his day, except a dark one since we had the lights out for his birthday candle, and even then it’s just his arm.


That’s because he packed a lot into his day. We didn’t have school–I plan our calendar year so that we can still get our minimum of 180 days and take birthdays as holidays. The ultimate perk of homeschooling. Anyway, so he went to the Therapeutic Riding Center with his aunt, who works there. Trooper had his lesson, and Rascal helped take care of a pony, feed the resident barn chickens, and even gathered an egg. Later we picked up his birthday balloons and his best friend (not from the same place) and they went swimming. Following this, we had a party with his favorite cookout food.


And a LEGO Star Wars cake.


I didn’t have time to tidy up the edges, sorry. Basically I borrowed an idea from here, and used black food paste (actually in my pantry, thanks to my epic fail attempt at homemade licorice last Christmas) to darken chocolate icing. I had yellow sugar sprinkles that I never used at the John Deere birthday in January so I sprinkled them on as “stars.” Then I added red and yellow food coloring to white icing for that ginormous red-orange planet that you see all the X-Wings by in Episode IV, right before they take on the Death Star.

Rascal was impressed.

And of course we had to watch Star Wars later. But two nights later, after he had sufficiently recovered from all the fun. 😉

Happy Birthday to our big guy. You’re one in a million, and my biggest help. Some days I don’t know how I’d do it without you, which is funny because when you were two and three it was hard to do anything WITH you. I mean that in a good way. You were the Toddler Mischief Squad of your day.

But even you didn’t think to put quarters in the CD slot of our vehicle, thus rendering the stereo useless…utterly useless…

Sorry. That’s another blogpost.

Happy Birthday Rascal!

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