Yarn Along–on to the next


The Raindrop Cardigan is finished. I really am excited about it, but my keyboard is flatly refusing to acknowledge the existence of the ‘shift’ key so I can’t type exclamation marks. I am also relying on caps lock to help me with capitals so I don’t come across like a teenage texter. Capitals. Punctuation. They are beautiful things. I miss my exclamation point.

Anyway, I officially finished the sweater en route to my parents’ house, then wore it a few days later for our day in St. Louis. Since I am the usual person behind the lens, I asked Haus Meister to get a shot of me and the sweater.  I asked him to do this one-handed in the observation area of the St. Louis Arch, which probably wasn’t the best place and time but hey, I wanted to show I made it up there. Exclamation point.  Smiley. Wow–we take the shift key for granted, let me tell you. I can’t even make a smiley face.


I did a different edging to the cardigan than the pattern called for, and maybe if  I do this again I will try and just crochet the edging. Amazingly, I have never learned to do more than finger crochet, which is probably why I modified the edging in the first place. I did very much enjoy this pattern and I hope I get a better image to show you later. Also, don’t think it will take anyone as long to knit this as I did–I went a week without knitting now and then, if you remember.

But I don’t like being without something on the needles so no sooner had I cast off the last of the Raindrop Cardigan than I had picked up what I had started of my first Jane Austen Knits project. This is a lesson in reading instructions, mainly because I vaguely recalled I would need stitch markers as I packed the bags, but neglected to see how many.

Necessity is the mother of Invention.


In this horrible glare of hotel room lamplight you might be able to discern that when I realized I had brought about 8 less stitch markers than required, I raided the girlies’ hairband stash. They won’t miss those colors until Fall, and by then I want to be on something else. I have plans. Big ones.

Last month I splurged and treated myself to a new knitting book.

Whee…. exclamation point x 5. It is rare that I find a pattern book that I could honestly use at least half of the patterns–and this is one of them. I am so excited. So I was a good girl and refrained from begging Haus Meister for another trip to the Knitorious yarn shop while in St. Louis because I need to use up a good shelf of the yarn in my cabinet first, and this book will help me do it.

One thought on “Yarn Along–on to the next

  1. My heart is breaking for you! How does one live without a shift key?!?! I use far too many exclamation points for my own good. I probably need an exclamation point intervention. How wonderful your cardigan looks! I’m going to have to get my hands on that knitting book and see if it’s something I would use. I love those type knitting books!

    Adding some !!!!!! for you 😉

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