Riding right along

It was another whirlwind weekend for the inhabitants of the Haus. Trooper had his follow-up appointment to the Cerebral Palsy Center in St. Louis so we hit the road again. Fortunately the chips fell just so that we were able to take in the Indiana State Fair before leaving some of the bigger kiddos with my parents while we took Trooper and the mini-sidekicks (Miss M and Posey Pie) out to St. Louis.  We also got to go up in the Arch, which was kind of amazing. I mean, you’re looking out over Illinois, so quite frankly the view from the gondola in Vail was 90% more spectacular. But the arch itself is an engineering wonder, so there you have it.  Yes, I got pictures. I just haven’t bothered to get them off the phone yet. This means you might actually get more than one post from me this week!

Anyway, not writing about that tonight. I’m travel-weary and I caught a baaaaad summer cold on our adventure. What pleased me enough to sit down and blog was an e-mail I received this morning from my mother-in-law. She does me the great favor of driving Trooper to his therapeutic riding sessions (she’s good with horses herself, having ridden dressage as a teenager and she used to live on a horse farm).  The gist of the e-mail was something like this:

Talked to Mrs. H today (riding instructress). How would you all like to enter [Trooper] into the Special Olympics riding session this September? She would lead the horse but he would give the commands and [do things like put rings on the horses ear or point with the baton]. If you want to do this he can start special practice on Friday….

I was cheering before I even finished. There was no way I’d turn down this chance for our boy.  The doors that have opened for Trooper this year are many and they are all amazing, but I never thought I’d see him participate in something like this.

He’s going to be so happy, and we are so proud of him.


I laughed when I got this picture and said, “Look at him! He thinks he’s ‘The Man from Snowy River’ or something!”

3 thoughts on “Riding right along

  1. This is truly a special post that makes the soul soar toward the God who loves these little ones best of all because they are so innocent. The joy on his face is true perfect joy.

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