Another wild week. School continued around here and we begin to find the rhythm of a new routine. We’ve just about got the schoolwork groove tweaked; now the housework routine needs reestablished.

Ugh, my Mt. Neverest of Laundry… 😉

On the plus side, though, my Zo is back and running again. My Zojirushi uber bread maker I bought last summer, I mean. Late this spring I noticed a significant problem with the loaves. I contacted the customer service department but ultimately they couldn’t help me. When I tried everything they told me to do and the machine still ran (despite half-baked bread), they adopted a silence policy. Meanwhile Haus Meister asked if he could see the paddles. I handed them over, and lo, they had completely worn out inside. I could have saved myself the trouble of contacting customer service. $17 later my bread machine is as good as ever!

So that in a nutshell was our week, rendered that much more crazy by the fact that Haus Meister was away for most of it at a conference out West, where he got a chance to do some mountain biking.


With all that going on, I wasn’t sure I had enough pictures on my phone to do a respectable post. Until, of course, I looked.



Biggest sister is incredibly pleased that Posey Pie deigned to fall asleep on her lap.



Rascal found this moth and allowed it to walk around on him. My Nature Boy.

I admit I would have instinctively smashed it if it had flown near me. I just have that knee-jerk reaction to flying bugs near me. You know all those scenes in The Lord of the Rings trilogy when the moth flutters near Gandalf? We always joked that if it was me, the moth would have been skooshed and bang goes any hope of rescue.

Funny…in a way

The Toddler Mischief Squad (Sunshine and Miss M, if you missed that post) lie in wait for someone to forget to reattach the child lock on our refrigerator. No sooner is a lapse detected than they are into the ice cream like a flash.


I can’t say I blame them. There are nights when as soon as the last pair of wee eyes are shut for the night that I’m right there in the freezer myself. This is the store-brand organic vanilla ice cream, and being store brand, cheaper than any other organic brand on the shelf. Ice cream with just sugar, cream, and vanilla? To get better than that I’d have to make it myself.


I have a confession to make. My daughters and I share an obsession.

This obsession has nothing whatsoever to do with British Literature or Downton Abbey.

Again, it can be found in the freezer section of the grocery store.


This and this alone deters the Toddler Mischief Squad from the ice cream. They eat them straight from the freezer hand over fist.

Try as I might, a 3lb bag purchased on Saturday will usually be gone by Tuesday. But then, I ask you, how can I resist three lovely daughters coming to me and asking for FRUIT?!

Particularly when they are willing to share with Mama.

2 thoughts on “{p,h,f,r}

  1. Blueberries and ice cream yum!!! 🙂 so, where did he get to mountain bike?! I’m looking at the beautiful background- it reminds me of my home state… Makes me miss it more!

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