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 I love her curls. Have I said it before? I love her curls. They make our Deep South humidity worthwhile.


life size bag end

After watching this LEGO video about designers bringing Bag End to life with 2.1 million+ LEGOS, the boys wanted to create a LEGO hobbit hole facade for their bed. Their talented and practical father took some spare paneling from his workshop and quickly came up with THIS:


Coolest bed ever. A round hobbit door is in the works as well.

Haus Meister’s in for it now, though. Princess wants him to make her a castle facade for her bed. She began putting her order in while he worked on the boys’ bed.


"Why hello, Beautiful!"

“Why hello, Beautiful!”

Posey Pie discovers her reflection in the mirror during her 4mos well-baby checkup. She’s doing fine, by the way. Perfectly average in head circumference, weighing 14lbs, and in the 93rd percentile for length. She’s a tall drink of water.



Old picture. We’ve moved the sofa since then.

We start school next week. I’m a bit in denial, but the kids are clamoring for it! It helps that there are 12 science lab projects waiting to be done at appropriate intervals in the school year, and they are anxious to begin those. Besides, what mom doesn’t want to hear her children asking to go back to school? Especially we homeschool moms. That’s a boost in the book!

I read a great post called 10 Things You Should Know About Homeschool Moms. I found it all very accurate, except for the Algebra part. I’m not terrified of teaching Algebra. Just Calculus. 😉

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