{pretty, happy, funny, real}


My sister made this bunting. It's in our etsy store now--see sidebar for link End shameless pitch.

My sister made this bunting. It’s in our etsy store now–see sidebar for link 

Happy 4th of July belatedly! We spent the last two weeks hither and yon, which is one reason I haven’t blogged much in that time. As I mentioned yesterday, starting last Wednesday night we were hit with the Deluge that kept us in a soggy state until, well, even now, although we are blessed to see the sunshine more often of late. A tree fell over the fence at our Old Haus… the fence Haus Meister painstakingly installed himself…and the rains washed out our old next door neighbor’s fence so it fell across onto another part of the Old Haus fence…yes. Not pretty. And did I mention we want to put the Haus back on the market at the end of the month? Whew…

Anyway, more on the bright side with a mishmash of Pretty, happy, funny


Patriotic Sunshine at my parents’ house the weekend before the 4th (since it was far too wet for her to do this on the actual day).


Princess takes time out to smell the flowers.


Miss M “babysits” the babies. That’s her cousin “Pookabear” on the left and Posey Pie on the right.


Hi there, silly Pooka!

No, Pooka isn’t her real name. Her mommy called her that once and the kids ran with it. When they stayed with us in March the kids began calling her “Pookabear” as well.

I hope she doesn’t hold that against us when she’s 15.


Can you tell we love our Posey?


She will be four months old tomorrow. That amazes me.


She’s also holding her own in conversations and can boast two bottom teeth (!). Is that insanely early or is that just my impression?

You’d think I’d remember that but I don’t.


Not pictured: my mom, Trooper, Posey, and me…because I’m taking the picture.

 I mentioned yesterday that we went to Indiana to pick up a table. This set belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother moved to her new apartment there was no room for it so she offered it to us. We were very happy to accept! I’d been eating standing for a while. It was nice to finally be able to seat everyone around the table and have room for my parents. We rearranged our upstairs family room to make room for it because it wouldn’t fit in our kitchen or even the official dining room (so I still get to keep the latter as a sitting room/sewing nook). Blessedly, the white carpet hasn’t suffered any worse for the table being in here.

First thing after Old Haus sells: carpet is GONE.

Real Funny? Funny Scary? It’s Real, anyway….

So if you’re still with me, here’s a treat for you. Well, not sure if you will think it is a treat. Myself, I find it hideously hilarious. I mean, imagine you’re driving around England on holiday and suddenly see THIS in a nearby River…


Apparently someone thought making a giant Mr. Darcy travel around England’s waterways would be a good idea.

I think it would scare small children.

But it gave me a laugh when my sister sent me the link. 😉

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