Yarn Along–All but the edging and the blocking.

The past week was a washout, literally. 😉 Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we were in the midst of the Deluge that has left some parts of our surrounding area under water and cancelled nearly every 4th of July plan we made. I finished the body of the Raindrop Cardigan on a whirlwind trip to Indiana to pick up the table upon which it is pictured. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the crochet hook to do the edging, but I did bring the needles and yarn for a project that calls for yards of easy tubular cord, so I packed away the sweater and started it instead.

So sometime soon I need to pull out the crochet hook and finish this!


To show I do occasionally pop open a serious book, here’s this week’s read. I like the recipes in this book, but I would find it hard to completely eliminate sugar from the diet. I mean, how do you can strawberry jam with no sugar? Does anyone have a recipe?

And as for giving up THIS:


EEK! How would I survive? Not happening.

However, I’m reading the book because some of the kiddos may have wheat sensitivity and it was recommended by a very dear friend who is also my special needs counselor of sorts. When I was browsing her copy of the book, Haus Meister happened to look over my shoulder as I turned the page to “Creole Crawfish Casserole” and told me to order the book at once. 😉 Seriously, the recipes look delicious, and they’re all wholesome.

In other reading news, I reread Wodehouse’s Something Fresh again last week. It is still my #1 favorite after all.

13 thoughts on “Yarn Along–All but the edging and the blocking.

  1. Oh trust me, eliminating all sugar would be like cutting off an arm. Must-have-chocolate-chip-cookies…. 😉

  2. I always wake happier if I know the coffeepot was set to brew in advance the night before. 🙂

  3. I just cracked open Nourishing Traditions as well. Coffee won’t be given up. It can’t be – It’s what animates this body between the hours of 6am-8pm. I also can’t totally give up sugar. I’m a Southern girl. Certain recipes Must. Have. Sugar. or they are no good. I’m loving the book otherwise. The recipes sound very good! I did find and use a recipe last year for honey jam. It just used honey instead of sugar. It was good, but really thick. I am pretty sure it was just on the back of the pectin box I bought. The brand started with a P…bought it at Whole Paycheck- I mean, Whole Foods. I think you can use frozen, concentrated grape juice in place of sugar with that brand of pectin as well. I haven’t tried it. I generally just do the sugar version, haha.

  4. I’m a covert Dwelling in Tol Galen follower (:-)), and the mom of a (now-adult) kid with severe special needs (official diagnosis of autism) who healed significantly following such a diet. (My other adult, typical kid and I are also intolerant of everything with gluten.) Because our lives changed when someone inspired me in a comment to a blog post, I am ignoring my hesitancy in commenting. (Diet zealots are annoying!) I empathize with your hesitancy–following the diet of Nourishing Traditions is hard! At least until your pantry is completely “diet-compliant.” Our family follows SCD/Paleo diet, which is very similar and I get a lot of recipes from Weston A Price followers. So I just want to encourage you, if you try the diet: Honey is FABULOUS! I don’t know about WAP, but on SCD, honey is the only legal natural sweetener. Also, your kids can go 100% on this diet, and you keep your coffee. Now…I DO recommend the kids go off coffee to see the diet’s complete benefits. 😉 Remove what you can as you can, minimally wheat and gluten, and the changes in health will likely encourage you to take the next step. My daughter with autism eats 100% SCD-compliant, while I still have my coffee. It’s a mom’s prerogative. 🙂 But who knows…after 10 years slowly moving toward eating this way 100%, you (and I) may become a tea with honey lover!

  5. Believe it or not (and some of my family would have a hard time believing it)–I don’t sweeten my tea at all anymore (and I DO live in the South). Let me amend that–I sweeten our iced tea but my nightly cuppa I refrain. The coffee is my indulgence, and I only add half-and-half to it.

    I forgot to mention that the book also suggests giving up chocolate. The horror! 😉 We do what we must, though, as you say. 🙂

  6. coffee ~ I’ve surprised many to say I’ve never had it ~ I know, I know… but Chocolate! Quelle Horreur! How could one do so? Very lovely knits here! I think I am new to your blog and I hope to return!

  7. I love to read through NT but really haven’t bought into it all yet though theoretically I think she is right about so much!
    Lovely sweater, I have that on my ravelry favorites and am considering it. Yours is beautiful!

  8. I’m far too attached to my chocolate and coffee to follow this through, but I do want to try some of the garden fresh recipes. I do like a cookbook that doesn’t require a lot of the processed mixes.

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