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Even though it’s nearly July, the humidity is high, and the temperatures peak at near 90 daily…. Sunshine loves to roam the house in the corduroy Christmas dress my grandmother made me about 20 years ago. Holy cow-was it really that long ago? I’m incredulous. Anyway, I guess you can call this picture “Christmas in Near-July.”

May boats be considered pretty? My father-in-law definitely thinks so, and so does my husband, and so do I after I saw Haus Meister’s work this weekend.


The Annapolis Wherry Tandem is almost done, folks!


LEGOs make for happy summer days. You’ll notice I mention this a lot.


This is Rascal’s response to the LEGO design challenge. I post it here because alas, I was a day too late to enter it officially. 😦

“On their off days, the bad guys work in the LEGO community garden.”

I gave him a start on the gazebo. I wanted to see how that odd piece would look as a roof. Rascal eschewed my idea to use a rocket engine as a rain barrel. Sigh. I thought it was a fun idea! Truth to tell I was getting into it about as much as he was. I’m glad they didn’t mind Mom playing LEGO. Rascal told me I could come back anytime. Dino told me I could build his for him. Ha.


Good job, boys! We’ll enter officially next time.

Meanwhile, yesterday Dino received a package at our doorstep addressed to him! It was from my aunt, and it contained two John Deere hats! Dino was so pleased he allowed me to take a picture of him wearing one.

Thanks, Aunt Jeannie, for the hats! (And thanks, Mommy, for the cookie)

Thanks, Aunt Jeannie, for the hats!
(And thanks, Mommy, for the cookie)

That IS his camera smile. There are several outtakes that don’t appear here. I wanted him to convey that he was pleased to receive mail. He wanted to show me he does not like his picture taken. This was the compromise. 😉



Trooper and I were having fun making cheesy grins for the camera.

Real (& Funny)


Miss M got my phone the other day. She’s quick that way. She either sneaks it from the charger or if I’ve put it in the cargo pocket of my capris (and if I’m cooking or tending to Posey or something–she waits for her chance). So its not uncommon for me to find pictures like this in my camera roll. She was really having fun yesterday–she skyped my sister and called my parents as well! I didn’t know this until both sister and mother called within five minutes of each other with “I see you tried getting a hold of me at 7pm,” and I was wondering just how I did this without knowing it. Then I remembered who was at large.

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