LEGO Engineer

I think Rascal’s dream job would possibly be that of a LEGO designer. It fluctuates between that and designing robots with his Dad (the layman’s term for Haus Meister’s job).  Yesterday we watched a video detailing the latest LEGO design challenge and you could see the castles in the sky being built. The guy talking is a LEGO designer? He plays with LEGOs all day–and gets paid for it?! Isn’t that the ultimate LEGO dream?!


So he sat down yesterday evening and constructed a LEGO speedboat harbor in a matter of fifteen minutes and then explained it all to me in meticulous detail. I love seeing his young engineer’s mind at work. I’m interested to see if he competes in the design challenge. First, though, we have to see if we have any of those robber minifigures left. LEGOs we have in abundance, but they may not be all in one piece….or, (sigh) place.

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