Praying for “Daniel”

There’s a new widget in my sidebar. It’s above our “cast of characters.”

Today we received the e-mail notifying us that our request to become “Daniel”‘s official prayer warrior had been accepted. “Daniel” is in an institution somewhere in Eastern Europe because he is a special needs child who wasn’t adopted before his sixth birthday. He’s been on my mind and heart after I accidentally came across his picture two weeks ago.

When I read about him my heart broke. I sobbed to Haus Meister that it was as if Trooper was across the world somewhere, needing medical attention that he’s not getting and I couldn’t save him. I know it’s easy to say that someone else will find him. Someone else will help him. Someone else can do this. And it’s all true. Someone else can. But will they?

That’s why I asked to be his prayer warrior. I can’t adopt right now. But if you know someone who could, would you let them know about “Daniel”?

Please don’t hesitate.

And remember, what we do for the least of these, we do unto Him.

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