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Strawberry time!

My sister and I had the same idea this week. It was time to can strawberries!IMG_1504

Very pretty. There’s nothing that says early summer like freshly picked strawberries. Unless, of course, it’s corn on the cob.


Miss M and Posey Pie, Early June, 2013 at the farmstand

When I snapped this picture, I thought to myself…

“What a difference a twelvemonth makes!”


Miss M, late May 2012 also at the farmstand

And yes, I really did use the word “twelvemonth.” I’m weird that way.

Some Happy around here this week includes

IMG_1450Smiles during tummy time!


And a teepee made of bamboo that is constantly endangered by the toddler set.


Trooper has a habit of checking out food magazines. He flips through my The English Home magazine to look at kitchens; he scours my Victoria magazine for the recipe section. Once while we stopped in the grocery store for peanut butter, I tried to speed down the aisle because for some reason the store organizer thought that peanut butter and jelly should be across from the Harlequin romance books. The magazines were also down the aisle and Trooper startled me by stopping suddenly and running back to the glossy mags. He pointed at one and I looked. It was a food mag with baked mac & cheese on the front–only his favorite meal ever!

In a nutshell, if there’s anything food to read about in the house, he’ll find it. So it shouldn’t have surprised me that he dug up the latest subscription to Draft that my sister and brother-in-law gave Haus Meister (the brewmaster) for Christmas last year.


Don’t kid yourself that he knows anything about beer. He’s interested in the hamburger bun. That’s his second favorite food.


When my sister and my niece start to cook strawberry pies or jam, it looks a lot like this:

When my little ones help, it looks something like this:

"This basket doesn't go upstairs without a fight."

“This basket doesn’t go upstairs without a fight.”


"Oops--think Mom will notice a missing quart of berries?"

“Oops–think Mom will notice a missing quart of berries?”

The mooshed into carpet uber-ripe strawberry stains did come up, thanks be to Hoover and Oxyclean carpet cleaner.

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