Yarn Along–Still trying to finish….


Believe it or not, I have actually managed about six rows since I last posted. Probably no more than six. My, I’d like to see that change! I wanted to be wearing this thing by now!

Haus Meister pointed out that he needs to take me on a long drive so I have time to knit. I see the justice of that statement, for I do my longest consecutive knitting in the car while he’s driving. The kiddos are occupied and there’s nothing pressing for me to do sitting in the passenger seat, so knit it is! The downside, though, is that I do my best knitting on the weekend, usually to and from church, and that isn’t a very long drive.

We have an event coming up this week so to celebrate Haus Meister and I added to our Wodehouse collection again. I’ve already read both of them–I’m faster at reading than knitting, and it’s easier to read while rocking the baby, at least sometimes.

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