{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Thursday again already? At the start of the week it felt that today would never get here. Haus Meister has been working overtime the past two weeks preparing for a project demonstration that occurred on Tuesday as well as today, so it has been a crazy week for schedules. Fortunately, school is nearly out for the summer and we’ve had several sunny days to enjoy.

And not a few smiles along the way…



Posey Pie at 2 months!

(Ignore corgi photo-bomb moment)



This is George the Dolphin that Rascal and I designed and created last week. Contrary to the picture, George does not have a broken tail. I’m aware of the lack of flippers as well, but I had less than 10 minutes to draw, cut, and sew–so that’s my excuse. 😉 I’m also not the best draw-er of dolphins, I know this, but Rascal and company were pleased anyway.


Kind of dark, I know, but on the day she wore this old “Play in the Mud” John Deere shirt I realized that Hester Prynne-like I had her in a shirt that publicly confessed her sin. 😉 Our Sunshine is a Mud Magnet. Not only does she see it as her personal God-given outdoor entertainment, but she frequently tries to convince me that it has beauty benefits to her hair and skin.


On a day too beautiful to stay indoors, I had Rascal bring the old activity table out of the boys’ room so the kids could color on the upper deck. Miss M stayed longest at the table, scribbling in a little calendar book someone had picked up at the Farmers’ Market.


These fellows showed up in my kitchen one afternoon.


I think they had come to hijack my cookies.


My Picture of the Month!


One evening, I had to help Sunshine sweep one of her messes up in the kitchen and so had laid the sleeping Posey Pie in the nearest safe spot, which happened to be her carseat. Miss M wandered in during clean-up and seeing Baby  at her level, proceeded to give her kisses. Miss M is very good with her baby sister and likes to sit and chat with her during these occasions. Sunshine ditched me in the middle of clean-up, not being patient enough to see me through sweeping up her attempt to sweep up a few cups of all-purpose flour, so by the time I turned back to Baby, I realized Miss M was still there. Miss M hadn’t napped yet that day, and I guess seeing her sister sleeping was too much for her. Posey, however, was not amused.

4 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. That last photo is priceless! How precious, even though the baby didn’t think so, one day they will love that photo.

  2. Oh my- that first picture! Such a sweetheart!!! A 10 minute dolphin? I don’t even want to THINK about what a 10 minute dolphin would look like at this house…and he seems to LOVE it! Wonderful! (PS. trying not to be jealous of your patio!)

  3. What a cute post! The last pic is my favorite. How in the world could she sleep with the baby crying in her ear? So precious.

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