Leisurely row to Rivendell…


Catching up a bit… and not sure where the Lady of Shalott figures into all this, except that I thought this post needed a picture… and she has a boat… and seems to be traveling at my pace this week….

Last Friday I mentioned another mile was added to our roster but I was mobile blogging and so hadn’t figured out exactly where that put us on our fictional map–except .75 miles from the door of the Green Dragon Inn, Bywater.

Weeks 2&3: This week we add 3.17 miles to that .75 to come up with 3.92 miles since our last real check-in. Total miles traveled: 8.67

Roughly, according to the atlas, that means we’ve reached the Great East Road and are approaching the Three-Farthing Stone, the significance of which escapes me at the moment. So much for my boasted Tolkien geekery.

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