A confession

This wasn’t the post I intended to write tonight, but here you go. Tonight’s post is brought to you by Natural Family Planning.

Yes, that.

Now there’s a topic I don’t write about much here. In fact, only a couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Haus Meister that I do seem to be mum on the subject in my blog and in conversations with others. It wasn’t until NFP came up in a discussion with a friend from Church that I found myself admitting out loud that we do in fact practice Natural Family Planning. She had asked me what method we used, since she had just started Creighton. I actually stuttered as I managed to say “Marquette.”

I was afraid, you see. Afraid of admitting we do this because we have had eight children. Afraid that someone wavering in their decision to follow the Church’s teaching would run screaming back to the condoms and contraception once they knew that “the stair-step family,” “that one with all the kids,” does in fact keep a chart. I could never see myself presenting at an NFP talk because of that same fear (and the fact that I don’t like public speaking, but back to topic now). They–that nebulous “they,” the ones we fear out of human respect–will think it doesn’t “work.” “I’m endangering the mission; I should never have come.” (movie quote alert, sorry)

Well, no more.  I agree with the writer of this post, who puts things so well, it’s time we stopped being ashamed. Dwija says in “NFP doesn’t work. You have so many kids!“:

You guys, we have fallen into a hole.  We’ve fallen into the hole of defining life the way corporations want us to define it.  “Family planning” has come to mean “child prevention” and we simply accept that, “natural” has come to mean “non-chemical” and we simply accept that and I, for one, am tired.  I’m tired of feeling obligated to feel embarrassed that our family contains children.  I’m tired of my friends having to tell the world that they “suck” at NFP because their families contain children.  I’m tired of everyone I know who knows about NFP having to constantly justify marriages resulting in children.

Please read the rest here.

Oh, and for the record, although NFP is much more than “non-chemical birth control,” my snarky mischievous side would dearly love to pull into the beastly tiny Whole Foods parking lot in my town with THIS slogan plastered on the back of my van:

grungy_faded_retro_pattern_3 NFP


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