There…and back again.

Today being April 26th, according to the Middle Earth Atlas it’s time for An Unexpected Party.

hobbitparty“You hear that, lads? He says we’ll blunt the knives!”

In honor of today’s event, I wanted to dust off the old thread wherein I kept track of our walking miles by following the Fellowship’s Quest to Rivendell. But I’ve started the Walk to Rivendell challenge twice and never get past the Midgewater Marshes before something happens to derail me. Good thing it wasn’t up to me, then, or else the Ring would have been captured and all would be lost. 😉 So I’m doing something new now. Haus Meister and I have been working on the rowing machine lately and I’ve figured out a rough conversion of strokes into miles. My amount is the sum of what we accomplish together as we try to get the hang of rowing before he finishes building the rowboat (actually, he has the hang of it. I don’t.) SO, this time around we are ROWING to Rivendell, and this time I’m keeping track using the Hobbit Challenge.

To the Lonely Mountain and Back Again!

Unfortunately I’ve only been able to record what we’ve done so far this week, and not the prior, so we haven’t gone far. 😉

Week 1: 4.75 miles. We are .25 miles from The Green Dragon in Bywater, where Bilbo Baggins catches up with the Dwarves (they left Bag End without him) and his adventure begins.

I’ll be back next Friday with our current progress.

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