{pretty, happy, funny, real}



Silly Miss M.


We’re nuts about those curls!


It’s official. Our dining table is too small. So, we’re hoping that if we can get the Old Haus back on the market within the next month or two, it will sell fast — or heck, sell period!– and then with that off the books we can finally tear up the white carpet in the upstairs living room and put in wood floors and  a beautiful all-purpose 12′ table. We’ve had this project planned for a while– that Haus Meister is going to build out the table of cherry wood we received from his boss after a cherry tree fell on his property.

But every plan has to begin somewhere, and so last weekend two of the boys accompanied Haus Meister to a local sawmill, where the massive logs became slabs of wood that will become a table to be remembered. Meanwhile, the boys remember the hollowed-out log on the property.


And all too soon, our visitors returned to the frozen North this past weekend. My mom drove south to fetch my sister and nieces, and while Winter Storm Virgil’s imminent approach to their home cancelled plans to stay a few days, Mom did get to enjoy reading to nearly all of her grandchildren at the same time.


You just can’t see her under all those kids. 😉


Trooper learns to use the phone’s camera.





Miss M likes to come sit next to me any time she catches me sitting down with Posey Pie. Someone suggested that Miss M was jealous of her sister, but I’ve found it to be otherwise.

She’s not jealous of her baby sister, rather, she’s jealous for her sister.


I think that Miss M is convinced that ‘Baby’ is a real live doll we’ve provided for her to love, and so if I’m sitting with the baby it is Miss M’s cue to come over and give hugs and kisses galore.

And in the postpartum department of mommyhood…

DINOSAUR: So, Mama, there’s no more babies in your tummy?

ME: Nope. No babies there right now. We just had ours!

DINOSAUR: So your belly is getting back to normal!

RASCAL (chiming in) Well, it sure doesn’t look like it!

ME: Thanks, son.


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