Yarn Along–knitting for Easter

This week I made the valiant attempt to complete the Easter egg project!


Basically I used Purl Bee’s sparrow nest directions to make the eggs, and I haven’t stuffed the eggs yet because we’re going to dye them on Holy Saturday! After that I want to hang them on our front door wreath. I left the cast on thread dangling so I can use it to sew up the stuffing hole at the bottom, and as you can see I also left some yarn at the top to make hanging loops on some of them. I wish I had been smart at the time to leave enough yarn for loops on all  of them! 😉 I hope to make one more egg by Saturday so each child has one. Don’t let my slowness reflect upon the pattern; it is a quick knit. I am just trying to juggle the new normal right now. Cute baby + laundry + school, etc. 😉

She finds laundry to be a tedious task, it would seem.

She finds laundry to be a tedious task, it would seem.

Reading this week: P. G. Wodehouse’s The Man with Two Left Feet, a collection of short early stories.  Lest you think I went all of Lent without some spiritual reading, I caught up on some days I missed in Magnificat’s Year of Faith Companion and also read Abby Sasscer’s Simplifying Your Domestic Church.

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