A very good day

photo (92)

Posey Pie “watches” the Pope offer Mass at St. Anna’s in the Vatican.

What a week this has been. Ever since the white smoke was seen on our media screens last Wednesday afternoon, we seem to have been in a state of jubilation.

(Well, almost. There’s been some hiccups relating to homeownership I’ll save for another post.)

We love our new Holy Father.


I’ve been getting to know more about him through the Vatican Radio website, a site I’ve been following ever so closely since the first news of the resignation of Pope Benedict (for whom we still pray and still love) and then the conclave. And what neat things we’ve witnessed! First Pope from the Americas, first Pope named Francis… not among the papabile picked by the mainstream American media. Then the pictures of him paying his own bill, riding public transportation, washing the feet of mothers in a maternity center, standing outside  a parish church in the Vatican to greet those who attended Mass–and the crowd gathered just beyond–as if he was an ordinary pastor. As if he wasn’t giving the Swiss guards and Vatican security a bout of cardiac arrest.

Then reading as I did last night:

An historic first will grace the Mass, March 19, that will inaugurate the pontificate of Pope Francis . After a separation of nearly 1,000 years, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople will attend the inauguration of the Pope of Rome.

That’s huge. What an amazing period of Church history we’re in.

One thing that makes me particularly happy is that the kids seem really to connect with him. We’ve always talked about the Pope, always mentioned that we pray for his intention at the first “Our Father” of every nightly Rosary, but I don’t know if they really made a connection with Pope Benedict and his role in our church. After all, Princess still thinks our parish priest is the Pope. But now that they’ve been watching the coverage of the resignation, the move to Castel Gandolfo, and everything since, suddenly it clicked. Pope Francis is our Pope. We belong to this family.


And when today I printed out a coloring page of Pope Francis along with another of St. Joseph to have the kids commemorate the big events of today, the kids went wild.

It is a good day to be Catholic. A very good day.

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