False Alarm Part 2


There’s this thing about false alarms… particularly involving labor and delivery. You get yourself all geared up for The Event, and then things stop. And you wait. And you calm yourself down, rearranging the mental schedule you’ve just given yourself to adjust for the fact that you will not be going to the hospital.

I just never expected to have a false alarm about an induction.

Tonight I received a call from Labor & Delivery informing me that there was “no room in the inn,” and could I call before I planned to leave for the hospital to check and see if a room had opened up?  I did so, and was told again to call back… at 2am.

That’s five hours from now.

I wonder how much knitting I can get done. Sleep might not be an option–I’m in the “gear up phase.”

I’ll keep you updated.

**Update. At 2am I was told that my appointment was rescheduled for the following night at midnight. Looks like Baby might arrive on “Pi Day”–3.14. 😉

5 thoughts on “False Alarm Part 2

  1. Thanks dear! I appreciate it.

    I was told once to pray for patience. 😉 the funny thing is, once you pray for patience you usually get opportunities to practice it. 😉

  2. I’m going to start praying for impatience and see what happens! 😉 Praying for you tonight as well! Love and hugs, mama!

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