Yarn Along–Still Thinking Pink



Posy Pea has graciously held off her arrival until her Emma tunic is ready. I have mixed feelings about this, mainly because I’m at that point in the pregnancy where I’m just plain tired of being large and unwieldy. This is probably why I haven’t written much on the blog lately; you do NOT need to hear me whining on occasion. Ten days until the due date. Ten days. The Longest Ten Days.

A bit of happiness that arrived in the mail is the lovely ballerina print by my talented cousin who runs the Etsy store Georgiepie. I already cleared a place in the girls’ room for it and hope to have it framed by this weekend. Add to this the spray roses Princess picked out at the grocery store and you can tell we’ve been thinking pink lately. 🙂

No real reading lately except the magazines in the mail. I did order some Wodehouse books for the hospital and our Easter basket (Mom and Dad need something to cope with the inevitable Jelly Bean sugar highs). 😉 Coming in the mail today is Service with a Smile and Heavy Weather. They are in the Blandings Castle storyline, and that happens to be my favorite Wodehouse line. I will have to restrain myself from reading both before we actually leave for the hospital, however. 😉

Hoping you all stay warm and cozy in these last weeks before Spring officially arrives!

4 thoughts on “Yarn Along–Still Thinking Pink

  1. I hope your knitting project keeps you busy so you don’t spoil your hospital book plans 🙂 I’d need to have a fun library book for these next few days…it would be so hard to hold off on the new ones otherwise!

  2. Remember: Miss Posy Pea is a lot easier to take care of right where she is. Just a few Auntly words of wisdom for the impatient days ahead! With all of the red hair in your family, March 17 seems to be the perfect day!

  3. We’ve been watching sections of movies in the evenings to pass the time. Right now we’re on part 5 of 6 of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice! 😉 pretty easy to knit stockinette while watching! 😉

  4. Sigh. You are absolutely right. 😉 I promise I am not trying anything rash to “bring on the baby,” although there are a few walks planned. 😉 You would think I’d have learned patience by now, right? Oh I have so much still to learn… 😉

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