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Yesterday was One of Those Days. I felt very large, and ah, NOT in charge. Compounding the strife were two students who really just didn’t want to do their work (but did anyway, under groaning protest that saps the confidence of Teacher Mom), and my most enthusiastic toddler was happily and RELENTLESSLY enthusiastic. She somehow managed to earn herself the unprecedented amount of two baths plus hair washing each time before 8pm (one of which brought on by her giving herself a hair and facial treatment with butter of all things–I’m still wondering how and why she got the butter); completed her overthrow of my book organization in the upstairs family room; caused at least half a dozen messes; and having found a pair of dull scissors that had been left out for an unguarded second, ran to her room and snipped about two inches off a few locks of hair. We’re hoping to hide the damage. It took her long enough to get long hair, poor thing. So on top of all this I have a case of late 3rd trimester mood swings and do one of the things I do best: heaping the Mommy guilt upon my head in extraordinary portions. So Haus Meister sent me out for a breather. It was a trip to Wal-Mart, but it worked. 😉


photo (86)

A little dark this morning, but there’s a daffodil from my yard–they’re blooming in great profusion right now here in the South, and a honeysuckle candle I picked up on my outing. I love that honeysuckle candle in the Spring, and intend to start lighting it tomorrow. March is a more Spring-y month than February, in my opinion. Unless today is like yesterday, in which case I’ll light it. 😉


photo (83)

Displaying the finds from their nature walk by the lake. The driftwood has doubled as a “dinosaur bone” in some imaginations.

photo (84)

She took the sink bowl out of her kitchen set and began delivering dinners around the house.


photo (85)

“Hello. I just woke up and saw that you are trying to take pictures for the Yarn Along.  I must have my share of the attention!”


photo (82)

Such a sweet, pious child, right?


She’s hugging the cross because I’m about to remove it from her hands as she was using the arm of the cross as a hammer.

Add to that my sons’ insistence upon having a Darth Vader toy in their Easter basket (“Guys–why do you want a bad guy in your Easter basket?” Response: “He has a cool voice.”), and I despair whether I’ll ever see a sweet Christmas letter like the one written by the Pope.

Speaking of the Pope….

More Real

photo (87)

Oh, how we miss him already. The kids are looking forward to seeing his helicopter (if they can) when we watch EWTN this morning to see his departure (10:30am EST), but I only hope I can keep from crying too much! Did you read the text of his last audience? It was amazing. I’ve been following Vatican Radio more than ever these past two weeks, and it was interesting to read of his new title and etc. I especially liked the part about his shoes. I wonder if Leon, Mexico sent him a case of them after hearing about it–or if the manufacturers put a special sign in their window. 😉

So now we begin to wait and pray for the next Pope to be elected. We’re participating in adoptacardinal.org, and began to pray for “our” Cardinal this morning.

7 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Haha, Sunshine uses the crucifix as a hammer and her cousin liturgically dances
    with it. At least yours will grow out of it, I’m afraid a seed has been planted in my little dancer.;)

  2. The last couple of weeks here have been some of the hardest homeschooling weeks I’ve ever had. Yikes! I just finished yelling at everybody–in a few minutes we’ll try to get back into the school routine for the day. February is really hard, I think. We’re all tired of the routine, sick of being inside so much, and longing for spring. Hang in there, mama! I sympathize. And, p.s., I’m so jealous of the daffodils! We have snow on the ground here today!

  3. My kids would be jealous of the snow, so we’re even there. :)- Yeah, I keep forgetting about the winter doldrums. Part of Lent, right? 😉

  4. Hi Theresa, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. Details on my blog. If you’d rather not participate that’s 100% okay, but if you do I’d love to see your answers!

    ~ Laura

  5. Whee! Thank you! I’ll try and get to the reply soon. I don’t think I can qualify for the award entirely, though, as I don’t have 9 blogging actual-real-life friends/family! I can think of maybe 5, and you’re one of them. 😉

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