Yarn Along: Fresh off the Needles!

 I’m pleased to have this up on a Wednesday again.

photo (81)

This morning before the kids woke up (well, except Sunshine, who decided at 5am to crawl into my bed and keep poking me until I awoke) I was able to finish the last four rows of the Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt! Overall I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I added the eyelet row there at the bottom, mainly for some pleasing contrast and also because I was itching at that point to do something besides stockinette. I confess I didn’t bother gauging it because 1) I was impatient, 2) I knew if it went too small then Miss M and Posy would get it, and if went too large, then the big girlies could wear it longer in the coming Fall–i.e. nothing to lose and 3) I was impatient. I did make the largest size in the pattern because I read it could run small, so I decided to just guess big. It IS large on the girls but then, I haven’t had the chance to wash or dry it yet, and if they wear it over something it comes out all right. It’s not like Princess chose the top-of-the-line, guaranteed to never shrink cotton yarn in the first place. 😉

photo (80)

Princess loves it and posed for several pictures (not all of which came into focus–the phone I got to replace the one she decided to bathe doesn’t quite have the same instant focusing camera effect), and as Sunshine was awake before big sister, I tried it on her this morning. She immediately gave me a huge bear hug, which is the reason right there that I do this sort of thing. They love it, I love it, and they know they are loved because of it. Win-win.

As for reading, I finished Pride and Prejudice. It never gets old. Sometimes I skip reading it for a while because, let’s face it, once you pretty much know all the lines to the 1995 movie you’re set for the book, but it is still fun to return to anyway. I’m trying to decide what to read next. I know it’s still Lent but I don’t feel much like heavy reading at the moment. I’ve been browsing my back issues of The English Home to see which of them I really really want to keep (call it nesting) and then I went through some gardening and happy organic magazines that I had in my bookcase. After reading a random article about chickens as housepets (in a big dog cage that you can remove the bottom of to clean daily while keeping the hens in the upper part of the cage outside…if that makes sense…), I pretty much had to shelve that issue of Mary Jane’s Farm because it was giving me Ideas, and in my present state of pregnancy brain it’s best to stick with what I know…and not try to keep a hen in a dog cage. Maybe it’s time to order a Wodehouse book….

In knitting news, I plan to gauge Posy’s Emma today. I’m running out of time!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Fresh off the Needles!

  1. Princess looks so happy and pretty, too. Nice job Mom! Keep up the good work and making your little ones happy. See you soon.

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