{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} & Yarn Along, again


 Well, it’s been a crazy week. Starting on Sunday evening with a stomach bug that went through four of the family, then a false alarm yesterday morning that made me think we might see something of Posy Pea sooner rather than later. Today there’s no pre-labor symptoms, no stomach bug, no appointments, no outings–just staying home and catching up a bit. It is quite a relief. And tomorrow after school begins another weekend…one in which Haus Meister has to do the taxes, so I’ll have to curb my nesting instincts at least regarding stuff I’d like for him to do/hang/fix/paint, etc. ;)-

I try to help out that way. 🙂

So, here we go.


My Valentine roses.


I usually keep flowers on the windowsill of my kitchen. They are usually safe there (or if not, I move them into my bedroom).


I’m making strides on the Cap Sleeve Spring Shirt! My goal now that I’m basically doing stockinette stitch for the duration is to finish it up this weekend. Princess is eager to wear it, and after yesterday I want to be sure I have Posy’s gift ready for her arrival (and going by past history, I’ve had my false alarm so now I’m going to sit tight until Week 41, but all the same, I want to get working on it!).

photo (79)

Reads this past week include part of Square Foot Gardeninghalf of Pride and Prejudice and all of Milestones by then Cardinal Ratzinger. Whenever I read a biography or autobiography of this Pope, I’m awed at how close knit his family ties are, and how I wish that we will have that here in our Haus. The last chapter of the book I found especially poignant–and pertinent–in light of current news. You totally see his relationship with God there, and it is amazing.


Someone set up her own watercolor station. She paints morning, noon, and night. I’ve been calling Princess my little Beatrix Potter.


Did you see the stamps I posted about yesterday? My neighbors must have thought me mad if they heard me squealing for joy when I received the advertisement in the mail yesterday. Click on the image to see the First Day cover that is going to be available to non-UK addresses for a very limited time (read: order NOW). Mine will be in my Easter basket. 🙂 I amused myself by correctly guessing the scene of every picture. “Capital, capital!”



This is why my flowers are only usually safe in the kitchen.


We* had to replace a hinge on the door of our oven. Of course no one in town carried the part, so we were oven-less until last night.


Ai-yi-yi. I think I’d rather be without a dishwasher or even the microwave. I’ve been without both before. But that oven, you know… kind of useful.

*Wait a minute–why did I say “We”? It was Haus Meister, of course, who fixed the hinge. I am utterly inept at that sort of thing. That, and taxes. 😉

5 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} & Yarn Along, again

  1. Amazing stamps!!
    We went without an oven for several weeks recently, and boy, it was challenging! We had the burners on top, and I pressed my crock-pot into hard service. But so nice to get back to normal with a real oven.

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