Spring just keeps getting closer…

…which is nice to think about considering 3/8ths of the family are currently down with a flu bug. Ugh.

…and my oven door is broken (temporarily. It’s just a hinge, and Haus Meister is calling around town for a replacement).

But to our great excitement, my mother-in-law informed us that a garden plot next to one of hers at a nearby community garden is open! As said garden is on the same grounds as our farmers’ market, Haus Meister stopped to talk to those in charge while he was there on Saturday. Once we get the application sent, we’ll have our own spot of prime gardening area! Yippee!

So of course the farming bug bit all of us (age 4 and up) over the weekend, even the ones simultaneously afflicted by the flu. Borrowing Square Foot Gardening from my in-laws, I planned a grid of all the requests we could reasonably attend to/hope would grow. Princess kept asking for pink vegetables–like pink carrots, etc.–so she had to make do with seeds for an Atomic Red Carrot. 😉  I know I want bell peppers and tomatoes and Haus Meister wants pole beans and green onions. The kiddos want carrots and radishes ala Peter Rabbit and we know the plot already has lettuce plants that over-wintered. This is very exciting and will be a great project for the kids to help out with their dad. They have taken turns visiting their grandparents’ garden plots already and like to help out there, so it was fun for them to think we’d have space of our own.

But somehow this wasn’t enough. When the local animal shelter advertised that they were being overrun by rabbits, there was a moment when the kiddos wondered if it would be possible to keep a rabbit. I mentioned that it would be fun but there are enthusiastic toddlers in this house who might over-love a rabbit (read: hug to death, but I didn’t want to tell it quite like that), so it wouldn’t be a good idea until some of them were older. Rascal suggested that the rabbit could stay in a cage in his room. I reminded him that he would have to clean the cage, as rabbits don’t just run outside for their business like the dogs. That settled the issue for him.

Not so the Farm Boy. The night after the rabbit discussion, just as we finished night prayers, I heard Dino’s voice pipe up: “Hey, Mommy? Sunshine is bigger.” Not thinking much about it, I replied, “of course. You’re all getting bigger every day.” Without missing a beat he responded: “So can I have a rabbit?”

Poor guy. He would love backyard homesteading or any “farm” activity. My favorite example of this was when he came up to me and asked me for a “chick tank.” I realized after a moment he meant a chicken coop.  And really, if we could petition for the housing association to allow a couple of hens as “acceptable pets” and could get the kids to help us clean the coop, I would be fine with it. Especially if we had one of these in the yard:


Hobbit-hole style coops! Huzzah!


It’s like your own personal Shire! Of course, the kids would want to play in them…..


So there’s also these herb garden coops.


For goodness’ sake, even Williams-Sonoma is hopping on the bandwagon here. What is taking our HOA so long? 😉

Haus Meister even found a farming simulator computer game that Dinosaur likes to watch. Dino spends the time telling Haus Meister where to go, what to harvest, how to run the vehicle, etc. He’s a “backseat farmer,” who alas, will be virtually farming for some time yet.

Except for the garden plot. That’s for real. Come quickly Spring!!!

2 thoughts on “Spring just keeps getting closer…

  1. Yay on the garden plot!!!! 🙂 That will be so much fun! and ha! I also have been day dreaming this weekend of raising poultry again and having a nice little backyard chicken coop! But, dang! Links please to these coops! Then I can continue daydreaming 😉 Did you say William Sonoma?!

  2. The links are the pictures, just click on them! 🙂

    I think I would try to get my husband to build one before spending $1300 on one. But I’m lucky to have a handy husband with a workshop.

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