{pretty, happy, funny, real} meets Yarn Along, version 2.1



First I should mention that I did intend to link up to Yarn Along yesterday, but never quite got around to getting the picture taken of the current work in progress. Then there was also the thought that filling my blog post for the day with pink princessy pictures was probably not the best way to begin Lent. 😉 So here it is today. My reading for the week was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. However, this time around I am not closing the book only to start it right over again, because I want to crack open one of my Benedict XVI biographies. I’m thinking it will be Milestones

photo (78)

My project in progress is the Girl’s Cap Sleeve Spring Shirt that I originally found on Elizabeth Foss’ website when she knitted her first one probably a couple of years ago now. I queued the project then, later deleted it to make room for others, and re-queued it in 2011, making it one of the longest queued projects I had. Clearly it was time to start. Besides, as I was finishing up the squares for Knitters for Newtown, Princess kept asking when she would get her pink sweater with the pink yarn she had chosen. Clearly it was time for that as well. Posy Pea’s Emma will have to wait another week (though I’m running low on time!).

In home news, Haus Meister treated us to a new look for our bedroom this weekend! The long-awaited blue paint had been chosen, and here’s the results.






Gone are Sunshine’s Sharpie scrollwork illustrations! We also replaced the patchwork quilt with this white coverlet that had been in our linen closet. The wedding picture on the side table is now hung on the wall above my dresser but I have not taken a picture of it yet. We’re still putting things back here and there.


Haus Meister has had a good bit of time on the weekends (when I don’t have him painting or rearranging foyers) to work on his boat project. He also has some eager helpers. 🙂


They’re posing a bit in this one–Rascal wouldn’t have been in there without ear protection. 😉





She stuck in her thumb, and pulled out a plum…. We forgot about my Christmas pudding, and finally got around to steaming it. However, we didn’t soak it in brandy or make brandy butter. We did manage to whip up some cream. I’m pleased with the way it turned out before toddler fingers; having a proper pudding basin makes all the difference in shape.



Did you watch the Ash Wednesday Mass from Rome yesterday? It was the last public televised Mass of Pope Benedict’s pontificate. Of course, my viewing is usually sporadic–I get snatches of it here and there, because the kiddos just aren’t at the point where they can sit through a 2-hour Papal Mass. 😉 However, we were all there at the end when the Basilica erupted in applause to honor this man.

RASCAL: Why are they clapping?

ME: (choking up) They’re thanking him. They’re saying good-bye.

8 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real} meets Yarn Along, version 2.1

  1. My husband had to endure seven years in a garageless house with a workshop/outbuilding that wasn’t large enough for this project. As soon as we moved to this house I knew we would pretty much never park a car in the garage (unless he was working on the car). 😉

  2. Such a lovely blue, and I always love blue and white together (reminds me of Our Lady, too!). That boat is amazing! (my father was a carpenter and we never had a car in our garages either) And that is a beautiful picture of the Holy Father! (sniff)

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