Feeling a little pathetic and huge.

Legends and wives’ tales oft tell of the voracious appetites and odd cravings that pregnant moms have for foodstuffs. Once upon a time (2005, expecting Rascal), ravenously hungry after going a morning without breakfast, I scarfed down the “Momma’s Pancake Breakfast” at lunch at a Cracker Barrel with such rapidity that construction workers turned around to look at me in shock and awe. It was a little embarrassing.

Last night I had the opposite problem. Haus Meister and I went out for our last date before the new baby arrives, and we chose our absolute favorite place to go as usual–a little Italian place in a little old house that was built in the same era as our Old Haus. When the current owners started the restaurant about five years ago, they added a huge kitchen off the back and a garden on the side so fresh herbs and seasonings could be used. The owners are Italian themselves and the food is sublime. And filling. And there is a LOT of it.

Sometimes Haus Meister and I are wise and share an entree. Other times we aren’t and we come home with leftovers. Amend that: we always come home with leftovers, because they like to make sure you leave well-fed at this establishment. Last night we both decided to have appetizers, because I thought that the mozzarella sticks sounded good (and they are above and beyond anything you buy in the freezer section) and he wanted (gulp) frog legs. So we ate the appetizers as they took our order for dinner. Dinner also comes with warm garlic rolls and a soup or salad. We chose salad–the soups could stand alone as entrees. Oh my. Don’t get me started on their soups….mmm….

Anyway, three bites into my salad I had the uncomfortable feeling that I wouldn’t have enough room for the dinner I’d ordered. Worse still, I wouldn’t have enough room for the myriad choices of cheesecake that I saw advertised on the dessert board. Delicacies created especially for Valentine’s Day…all of them sounded good, but how could I eat a slice, if I could choose between them?

Our main entrees arrived as I sat back in the chair to the best of my ability, no mean feat at 35wks pregnant. I hoped against hope that I’d have room for the dinner they had already cooked. It wasn’t feeling like it. Plus I had the added Mommy guilt, remembering a scene only last Thursday where I had reminded the kids not to have a snack close to dinner, for now they couldn’t eat the good food I’d made. Haus Meister smiled and reminded me that we could always take home the dinner and have it for leftovers on Sunday. It turned out that he was in the same boat! So, sheepishly, we asked the waitress for take-home boxes.

And a slice of Nutella cheesecake (they added the cannoli gratis, because this place is like that). We paid the tab, tipped her, and he held the door as I’m sure I literally waddled to his car.

It was a little funny to have a date and not be able to do justice to the food. But then, the company and conversation was incomparable, the food was delicious, and we did have a great time.

The Nutella cheesecake was divine, by the way. And the Italian food made a great lunch today.

So I guess in the end, it was a win-win, despite my feeling huge and pathetic. 😉

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