{pretty, happy, funny, real}

We had quite the funtastic weekend last weekend, but I’m going to show pictures a little out of order.




I am going to write a bit about the foyer today, so I’m starting with my wreath as it appears in January. In February (read: tomorrow, when we make our Valentines) we’ll add hearts.

All winter we’ve been struggling with the problem of the children’s winter coats. I should say, the problem of the children’s coats never being where they were supposed to be. Our coat closet is the smallest in the house, so back in the Fall I had moved the coats into the boys’ and girls’ closets. However, in the girls’ closet we recently made room for Posy Pea’s items and did some rearranging but alas, there wasn’t room for the coats anymore. And Princess would never really get hers back on a hanger anyway–it was always thrown on the floor. Ditto the boys. Coats always just thrown on the floor, because it’s just faster that way, right? Grr. So all the coats were crammed back into our tiny coat closet. Then, on Sunday, Haus Meister mentioned that something had to be done.

Fortunately, I had just seen a beautiful foyer idea from Rachel Meeks at Small Notebook. So I instantly replied: “hooks in the foyer,” and showed him the picture. He thought for a moment, and then added, “I have some hooks in my toolbox down in the shop. Let me go see.”


Of course, I should have taken a “before” picture. The needlepoint pictures (made by my mother-in-law’s great aunt) used to be on either side of the clock (a wedding present made by my father-in-law). That was it. The wall was used, but a bit boring unless it was Christmas and I had the cards taped on it.

It pays to be a packrat sometimes. We’d had the coat hooks since we’d been in the old Haus, just never used them. Meanwhile I moved the dry sink over (it was formerly pictured as our Advent table) and took the wall shelf off the boys’ dresser, where it had been collecting LEGOs and dust. Haus Meister is repairing the broken door on the dry sink and I am in search of Just the Right Drawer Knobs. Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and search for what you really want rather than just rush out to the hardware store and get what’s there.


The shelf belonged to my great-grandmother and in the old Haus it hung in our bedroom. Now it’s going to be a display of movable books by season. 🙂 As you see, in the early winter months I like to think about, plan, an occasionally execute craft projects. St. Joseph is our family patron so there is his picture, and the magazines on the top of the shelf are The English Home.

I also added a few books for February, at least for St. Valentine’s Day. 😉


I found a copy of The Browning Love Letters, written by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett during their secret courtship and the few days after their secret marriage, in the library at Christendom College while I was a student. I borrowed it frequently until I had finished it. After graduation, Haus Meister found a copy online and gave it to me for Christmas. My copy came from Wales.




What our schoolroom board calendar looked like on Saturday!

Yes! We finally had snow! It lasted just until the next morning and was probably less than an inch, but didn’t matter. I got to stand outside a moment and enjoy the snow-stillness and listen to the sound of snow crunching under my feet, and the kids were beside themselves with joy.


They also insisted upon bringing out the sled Santa had given them last year…during the non-existent winter…that had never yet been used. Sunshine is sporting an old boy’s coat that I had forgotten (luckily) to donate, because this snow hadn’t been forecasted properly. The forecast said “wet wintry mix” of sleet and rain, so I figured they wouldn’t be going outside and on Friday night threw Sunshine’s coat into the wash. It wasn’t dry yet when the snow came!


The corgis weren’t sure what to make of it. This was their first snow.


It was her first snow, too. She was unimpressed. I just wanted to get one picture, though, right? Because we moms are like that.

Funny Real

The Blue and Gold Banquet for Rascal’s Cub Scout Pack was held this week. I signed up to make cookies and thought it would be grand to use blue and gold M&Ms in the cookies. I looked at the custom site on M&Ms and decided that I didn’t want to pay custom color prices for a banquet wherein half the moms were bringing desserts and also when it would be less expensive to buy a huge bag of M&Ms and just take out the blue and yellow colors.

So on Monday the kids used the non-blue-and-yellow M&Ms as counters for Math class and as incentives for doing jobs well. It was a very smooth sailing Monday.

My favorite kitchen helper was happy, too.


She waves “hi” whenever we take her picture these days. And yes, I did clean off my counter later. 😉

10 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I love your front hall re-org. Lovely and very frugal. Nicely done.

    I will have to get my hands on a copy of your favorite book. I have never read these letters and they sound wonderful.

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. Cute photos of the dogs trying to figure out the snow – if you want more, I think I will be able to spare you some of the foot or two we’re going to get tomorrow! 😀

    I like your wreath, and love the wall coat hooks! Very sensible.

  3. Haha–while we’d love a foot of snow, it would probably send our entire fleet of three salt trucks into disrepair and the public works dept. cowering in despair!

  4. Fun fun! I am liking the new foyer look- cute and practical 🙂 And I’m going to have to look around for that board calendar, too- is it Melissa & Doug by any chance?

  5. I love how you organized with the coat hooks. I just got my sons new Boys Coats from Burlington Coat Factory. We got great prices, and the boys love their jackets, but I definitely need a more convenient way to organize them. I love this idea– I may be giving it a try.

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