Yarn Along–Knits for Others

I am pleased to announce that The Roaring Meg is finished at last!

photo (74)

Both my big girlies love this. They’ve worn it inside and outside, to church and at home. It is cushy, comfy, and will probably pill like the dickens, but at least it is loved!

In light of the news from Britain these days, I found my favorite History of England, and found it quite enjoyable. Jane Austen seems to abuse Richard III in one paragraph and exonerate him in the next, which isn’t too far removed from the current news stories. Was he good? Was he evil? It all reminds me of an episode of the 1955 Robin Hood series (Episode: Trial by Battle) wherein the Sheriff of Nottingham (ah, the best ever Sheriff in my opinion) tells Marian “I don’t claim to be any better than the times we live in–but I’m no worse!”  Was that supposed to be a consolation?


On the needles right now is a blanket square for Knitters for Newtown. I read about this endeavor and signed up over Ravelry to donate at least one square to the memorial blanket effort. I hope to knit more than one, but we’ll see what I can accomplish before the March 31st deadline.

photo (75)

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