Jane Austen, P&P, a rant, and a waterlogged iPhone

I found out today through my cousin, to whom I intend to go whenever I need to know anything since lately I’m getting all my good ideas/pictures/etc. from her, that it is the 200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice!

This picture didn't come from my cousin, but from my friend Laura. I am shamelessly borrowing it.

This picture didn’t come from my cousin, but from my friend Laura. I am shamelessly borrowing it.

Capital! Capital!

Now why didn’t I know that already?

Sheesh. I am losing my geeky English major touch.

Ah well, here’s to 200 years of Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett. May you delight us 200 years more!

We defy Downton Abbey to captivate 200 years later...

We defy Downton Abbey to captivate 200 years later…

I think I shall brew a pot of tea to celebrate while I enjoy some nightly knitting and …. Mansfield Park?

"Psst... Did you know that my authoress intentionally didn't create me to be witty and vivacious?"

“Psst… Did you know that my authoress intentionally didn’t create me to be witty and vivacious?”

My dvd player is still down. I can’t tune into my new “restored edition” P &P but I can stream the 1983 Mansfield Park on Netflix. I’m in the middle of it anyway. Say what you like about over-acting, under-acting, Aunt Norris, and the hideous costumes those poor men had to wear (Henry Crawford’s off-white top hat?! Mr Yates?!?!?!) but honestly, they got Fanny Price right. And if you don’t get Fanny right, you don’t have Mansfield Park. I hereby declare it. That’s why I only watch the 1980s version. I tried the one made in the ’90s but had to turn it off, and I didn’t even bother with the latest version. See my reason above.

I’m picky, but then, my movie time is precious slim right now and I’d rather watch something I know I am going to like.

Hopping off the soapbox now.

Ok, so as I wrote that I recalled the dvd player on the mac is down because one child who should have known better put two dvds into it and now it has gone kaput. Meanwhile, only this afternoon I found that my iPhone had been accidentally submerged, and not by me. Don’t try to call me for a few days. Ugh. I would take this opportunity to wean myself from that addicting piece of technology, except that it happens to be the house phone as well. This is going to be interesting. It’s almost enough to make me go Luddite, but that would be hard being married, as I am, to a mechanical engineer. Who likes technology. Right.

I think I’ll just go get that tea.


6 thoughts on “Jane Austen, P&P, a rant, and a waterlogged iPhone

  1. Lovely… DD#2 & I are doing the Jane Austin Devotional right now. A friend gave it to her for the Holy-days… We are really enjoying it. The character study is wonderful. It’s taken us to Romans 12 & 13 a lot. I may have to put on one of the Regency dresses I’ve made and parade around the house for a while today!

  2. Yay! I didn’t know it was the 200th anniversary. Doncha just love that Darcy meme? It never gets old for me. I feel like I should give credit where credit is due and say I _think_ it originally came from here: http://allystruth.tumblr.com/post/23875242433/hey-girl-i-love-that-you-have-improved-your-mind.

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree about the 1983 Mansfield Park. Fanny was just too wimpering for me. But I agree the 1999 version was all wrong. Why mess with Jane Austen’s storyline? Haven’t seen the most recent one.

    I hear you about being a would-be Luddite married to an engineer (software engineer in my case). I hope your iPhone is working soon!

  3. Apparently in the most recent MP, Fanny was a giggly blonde and again an attempt was made to make her more sparkling and witty. Of course the 1983 one isn’t perfect, but since no one yet has decided to portray it the way Jane wrote it, I’m keeping it on my shelf (virtual or otherwise). Sir Thomas was excellent in it, though.

    When my sister and I saw “Amazing Grace” we noticed that the actor & actress who had portrayed Edmund and Fanny were together again as a different couple, and it was like seeing Edmund and Fanny 20 years later. Very sweet. 😉

    If I were to actually ever write fan fiction, I would so add a chapter to the end of MP that makes Edmund suffer a little. He’s such a dim bulb through most of the book and gets the best of everything in the end. Not fair, Jane!

  4. You’re welcome! : ) I actually found out from my friend Liza, who has never -gasp- read a single Jane Austen book.

  5. Wow–that’s possible? I thought P&P was at least required reading in high school! Well, it was in mine, anyway. 😉

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