Half-a-million strong

That’s how many people braved bad weather, an indifferent-to-hostile presidential administration, and the unnecessary presence of police with riot shields to peacefully protest the greatest holocaust the country has ever seen.

Of course I’m writing about the March for Life.

Those of you who were there, we thought of and prayed for you today. We marched with you in spirit.

Yesterday at the grocery store I parked our huge van next to a small car. The car happened to have many stickers on it that told me at a glance that the driver and I would not agree politically. That’s fine; everyone is entitled to their bumper sticker. I did pause when I noticed the one on their car that proclaimed in capital letters:



That’s nice.

But how does it explain why this is still allowed and proclaimed as good?


Thanks to Joannie for the original posting of this image.


Apparently those of us who are anti-abortion are by default anti-Woman. I’m not entirely sure how that logically follows, because here’s a great example of how we help them. Please visit.

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