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No Yarn-Along linkup this week, due solely to the fact that I forgot to take pictures of my continued progress on Roaring Meg and also because yesterday was a crazy busy day involving the usual school routine as well as taking three children to well-child check-ups and scheduling other appointments.  Besides, you don’t want to think my life revolves around yarn, do you? 😉 That’s just my ‘free’ time. 😉


I went through the girls’ clothes to move out the stuff they’d outgrown and bring up some things from the bins to help get through the last weeks before Spring. And since I was down there already, I brought up some little things that we look forward to seeing again very soon. Seven weeks. It’s incredible. My cousin and I were due around the same day but I have a feeling since her son’s birth will be a scheduled c-section, she’s going to beat me here. Please keep them and their darling son in your prayers.

photo (62)


Ever since Paintfest 2012 I have been careful not to put anything on the walls. Funny how my nonchalance about taping random school papers to the wall disappeared once the wall was a color we loved. Now I’ve organized everyone’s lesson plans onto the bulletin board, and while special papers do get displayed now and again, they also get put away in the kids’ binders that much faster.

photo (63)

And also because I saw how quickly a poster board could be destroyed if it fell. I had moved them to my cutting table in my nook while the painting was going on. I guess I didn’t anticipate little hands would be reaching for them!

Who, me?

Who, me?

She’s also good at rearranging the Christmas card basket. I honestly can’t guess who we’ll be praying for at the beginning of the meal because the basket is constantly in flux.

photo (64)

No, I didn’t intentionally put her that close to the sideboard. She pushed her chair over there and then sat in it.


One night as I walked around the house I came across this guy on the floor.

I was a little taken aback.

photo (65)

My first thought was: Jesus?

Then: Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? Qui-Gon Jinn?

(as the children have seen neither that retired TV show or any other Star Wars than 90% of Episode IV, those were unlikely but the thought was there nonetheless.)

So I went to the children to ask for the story behind this fellow. Finally Princess admitted to having constructed this particular mini-figure.

“It’s Granddad!” She says happily.

I looked at the minfig again.

There’s probably no way my father-in-law ever had such long and luxurious hair, even in the ’70s. Or if so, no photographs remain. 🙂 It is definitely not the case now.

So we gave “Granddad” a haircut.

photo (66)

And now he just looks like Obi-Wan in Episode 3.

4 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Oh hilarious- “Granddad!!!” ha 🙂 I swear he had long hair back in the day… Or at least I have seen a photo of him clean shaven, so it looked like he had long head hair ;)-

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