{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Pretty & Happy

Knowing that the Church is still in the Christmas season and spirit.

photo (44)

Happy & Funny

My Christmas gift from the children was the LEGO Winter Village Bakery, making the second in my collection when you add what is left of the Winter Village Toy Shoppe. I say “what is left” because in a fit of absolute trust and faith I allowed the boys to play with the Toy Shoppe before I put it away last year. Consequently I am now missing about 50% of the pieces. However, with the addition of the bakery and the limited edition holiday sleigh + bench scene, I have a very respectable display on top of my yarn and fabric cupboard.

photo (49)

I’m not sure why I thought leaving it there meant it would be safe.

photo (48)

After all, most of them can climb on chairs.

Funny & Real

photo (46)

Arrangements by Sunshine. You’ll note all my shepherds and two of the Magi’s animals are missing.

The Magi, misdirected no doubt by faulty GPS locations, made it to Bethlehem but can’t seem to find the stable. At least the elephant never forgets!

Further Sunshine antics.

photo (45)

No sooner did we get into the van than she kicked off her boots and decided her socks made better mittens.

photo (47)

And here she is, hamming it up in the bathroom mirror with Miss M, if she could even see herself through the smeared mirror that she herself just smeared by trying to wash it with a toothbrush. She’s wearing the 3D glasses I brought back from The Hobbit for moments such as these, and also decided upon the precaution of wearing rainboots with her sleeper.

Happy birthday this Saturday to our own Sunshine and Dino. I will hopefully be back this weekend with reports of the day (if not sooner with other reports).

5 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I have one who does that too, wherever we go the shoes/boots/sandals socks and all are kicked off. I don’t know why we even bother with putting them on him!!

  2. haha, well, that sometimes happens for our own sanity. She can be a quick-change artist and after a while we get tired of replacing the clothes.

  3. I noticed the backwards jammies, too! And then I though, “i wonder if Theresa did that on purpose….” Sammy is always unzipping and stripping off his sleeper…and now I think maybe this is a brilliany idea to make him keep it on!

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