Yarn Along–a tale of two wips

I told myself when I started knitting more frequently not to tackle more than one project at a time. My Ravelry queue is full enough right now without me trying to do too many projects. So this week, of course, I blew it.  I am most of the way through the first of two Hetty’s Sunday cuffs. I had my three-hour glucose test last Friday (passed, luckily), so I decided as usual to be the Woman Knitting in the OB/GYN office, like you see in any old movie (pre 1965) that actually features one of those. Hey, it’s free knitting time for me! Anyway, I love the work on the Addi needles and the yarn is going to be so warm.

photo (43)

Yes, I’m modeling with my needles again. I only had a circular needle in size 1 so I learned the magic loop technique. This looks less fearsome than the last time I modeled a glove with needles. 😉

Then, on Support Hobby Lobby Day, I happened to be in the yarn aisle looking for something entirely different and then this yarn jumped out at me. It’s bargain bin Hobby Lobby yarn, nothing fancy or organic or expensive. But it was all in colors that matched my Sunshine, whose birthday is over the weekend.  And I began to think that perhaps I could use it to make the Roaring Meg, an aptly named sweater for my Sunshine girl. I wanted to make it this year anyway, why not in time for her day? So I bought the yarn, gauged the yarn at size 11 needles, and set off.  I’ve redone the yoke three times, having purled when I should have knitted and knitted where I should have purled. But it’s still fun and relaxing and it will look gorgeous over her tan corduroy church dress….whenever I do get it done. 😉

photo (42)

So there we have it. A fancy project on size 1 needles and a fun bulky one on size 11. All in a week where we launched into a new school year, four kids had colds, and the littlest ones decided on their own to rearrange their bedtimes. Perhaps that’s why two projects at once didn’t seem so bad–more Craft Therapy! 😉

Reading? I’m still working through Rediscover Catholicism a little each day. I also felt more in the mood for a novel, so I read Sense and Sensibility.

One thought on “Yarn Along–a tale of two wips

  1. I wish I was a knitter when I was pregnant. What a great way to fill the waiting time. I totally missed Support Hobby Lobby Day 😦 They just opened up a store near me – finally!

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