{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Whew! I think I’m finally ready to get back to a reasonable schedule again. I think I needed a few decent nights’ sleep again, which maybe-not-so-surprisingly I haven’t had lately, but feel optimistic this morning nevertheless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, let’s try to do some Christmas catch-up.



Silhouettes on the mantel. I’d had a display like this in the Old Haus but hadn’t updated since Princess was the baby. The #2 picture is Jacob and the #8 is Posy Pea’s ultrasound.


The calm before the storm.



Back in September I hinted to Santa that an upgrade on some of the kitchen set food was in order for the little ones. It helped that Magic Cabin had them on sale. The problem was storage. We had the blue kitchen set (my mom found it for $3 at an upscale neighborhood yard sale!) but it didn’t have much more space after the food and dishes were in. My father-in-law is a genius at woodworking (something that Haus Meister luckily inherited), and so I went to him one day this fall and asked if he had any spare wood laying around that he could bang together into a play refrigerator for the grandkids. I was sanguine about this because both he and Haus Meister usually do have spare wood laying around from projects completed/projects planned/projects we’re in the process of completing/projects we know we’re going to plan for/etc. What I wasn’t expecting was an absolute work of ART.

Let me amend that. I knew my father-in-law was definitely capable of producing such a work. I had just specified a box with a door and shelves. He way surpassed anything I’ve seen in any toy catalog.


For one thing, he built a battery-powered light into it with a switch on the bottom that turns it on when you open the door, just like a real refrigerator. The shelves were perfect for the food (old and new) and everything was rounded, painted, sanded, etc. to look perfectly accurate. On the top of the outer door and inside under the light he added charms from a bracelet shaped like a crown that looks like a brand logo (but perfect for the princesses that use this). He even thoughtfully added the black basket at the bottom shelf for all the fruit and vegetables.


And now things are organized over here, more or less. In fact, it’s more organized than ourย real kitchen.


Until she gets at it, of course. Miss M keeps trying to persuade me that the tea set goes into the refrigerator while the teapot goes into our main bathtub. But she loves the toy refrigerator.

We keep hinting to my father-in-law that he totally needs to open a toy shop. It’s going to be hard to top this gift. Whew.


Meanwhile, from my sister to me….

A Pride and Prejudice board book. This was the funniest thing. And I just noticed that the Sense and Sensibility version will be released in February. There’s my 2013 gift, Kiddo! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other humor news…


LEGO antics and…


Zita the Spacegirl, books 1 & 2. Zita is now a household name, along with One, Strong-strong, and Mouse.


What happens when you try to pose kids next to the church nativity scene?


(And I didn’t notice until most of the way through Mass that Rascal and Dino were wearing the wrong tops. Rascal was in Dino’s sweater and vice versa. Augh.)

and this is how we’ve all been feeling this past week.


But it’s been fun.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to this literary giant whose writings have added so much to our lives….


12 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. You know you only have to get one thing for the girls next Christmas…and Miss M is posing by the first model.;)

    I’ve totally added S&S to the girls’ wishlist on Amazon!! Did you see the “Wuthering Heights” edition? “A BabyLit Weather Primer” and the first page says “breezy”, haha! I still remember reading the whole thing one rainy afternoon in highschool…I couldn’t put it down, but I still want my day back.;)

  2. Yes, WH is not one of my favorites somehow. I might like the weather primer, but from what I recall it was either stormy or breezy through 95% of the book. Hilarious as a board book, though.

  3. I absolutely adore your kitchen food, and the kitchen! How fun for the kids! Your profiles really are pretty sitting on the mantle top!

  4. That is an amazing refrigerator! How do your kids like their M&D castle? Which girl likes it the most, and how old is she? I got it for my Girl 1 for her upcoming 4th birthday, but I”m thinking I might hold off a year.

  5. Hi Laura! The M&D castle has been a hit with all the girls, but especially Princess who specifically requested it. She just turned 4 in Sept.

  6. I can vouch for that castle as well. Our girls got it 2 years ago when they were 4 & 5 and it’s been played with daily since then. We add new “castle people” (Papo figurines) every now and then to keep it fresh.

    That refrigerator is awesome!

  7. Your tree looks beautiful! I will look into the P&P board book for certain – it’s not for children? The photo of your kids asleep is priceless. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. The board book is for children, but those with a basic knowledge of P&P will be most amused by it. It is a counting primer, so it counts things or people or places in P&P as you read along. “2 rich gentlemen (illustration of Darcy and Bingley), 3 large houses (names of estates on illustrations).” My sister gave this to me because I’m an Austen devotee, and yes, we give each other toys when the occasion warrants or when it would make a fun joke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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